Michelle Phan’s Ipsy Subscription Box Review


Hey guys! So beauty subscription boxes have definitely taken the beauty world by storm. It’s such a convenient way to try new products from different brands you’ve never even heard of without spending too much money. I’ve tried a couple of boxes before and never been impressed enough to stick with them but so far so good with Youtube sensation Michelle Phan’s box Ipsy!

You receive 5 products per month for only $10 which is around ยฃ7. Plus shipping is free within the US so it really is a bargain. I thought that Ipsy was a relatively new subscription box but it turns out the first one was released in 2011 – although I’m not too sure how popular or well marketed it was because I haven’t heard of the box before. This means that Michelle’s box is one, if not the, longest running beauty subscription service in the world. So in short they know what they are doing.

The first product I tried was the Nudestick Lipstick by Nudestix. I was surprised at how expensive this brand is as it doesn’t look like it should be as expensive as it is so I was pretty happy that this came in the box. The colour I was sent is called Mystic and it’s a deep pink/browny shade – it’s perfect for everyday wear. The product is actually a lip and cheek stain but I don’t like using products like this on my cheeks because they set off my acne (they’re suite thick and creamy – you probably wouldn’t wear a lipstick on your cheek, right?) The stick is very hydrating and gives my lips a little sheen. I really like it! Originally this product costs $24 which is ridiculous and in my opinion not worth it. However 5 products for $10 renders this Nudestick $2!

Another product I was pleasantly surprised by was the eyeshadow by MannaKadar. I’ve never, ever heard of this brand before but the shadow was lovely. The shade I got was ‘Fantasy’ and it’s that perfect shade to add to underneath the brow bone and in the tear duct. The pink shimmery eyeshadow is really impressive and the pan is pretty big so I can imagine this lasting me a while! The bronzer from Be a Bombshell looks very pigmented on the hand and when you pop your finger in it but it’s actually very gentle but shimmery so I use it as a warm highlighter on the face. It isn’t as warm as Champagne Pop but it’s definitely not a cool one!

I absolutely love using the primer from Make-Up Forever. It makes applying make-up so much easier as it just creates a very smooth and powerless base for me to work on. It also hydrates my skin meaning that my skin is less likely to produce oil throughout the day to compensate. The only thing in the box that I have little to no use for is the hair voluminiser because I have curly hair volume is never an issue for me… If I had been sent a de-frizzer now that would have been a different story entirely!

Let me know what your favourite product is from the bag! Are there any products, that perhaps aren’t very mainstream, that you’d recommend? Don’t forget to enter my Carli Bybel giveaway here!