Old School Make-Up Favourites

Hey everyone!
My name is
Charline and I run Charline
Has a Blog
. When
Abigail asked me to switch guest posts I happily said yes! It’s always
interesting to reach out to a new crowd and see what lovely people there are on
other blogs. On top op that, Abigail’s blog looks so good and I reckon she
works hard for it as well. So I’m glad to be here to entertain you with a
beauty post today.
If you have a
glance at my make up collection, you can easily spot the products that I use
everyday. They probably look battered, as if they survived a storm, but it’s
just showing how much I use it and love it. The following products are ones
that I’ve been using ever since I started out with make up. Hope you all enjoy!

The Rimmel Stay Matte powder has
been in my collection ever since I started watching Tanya Burr’s videos. It’s a
great one to control the oils my skin produce during the day. This is probably
my 5th pan of this particular one! I never felt the need to try other powders
until recently – just because I got bored of repeating myself on my blog all
the time. It’s seriously the best and probably one of the most affordable
powders I’ve ever used.
One of the cheapest
concealers at the drugstore here in the UK is probably the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. This has such high
coverage and is great for hiding blemished and keep the break-outs showing to a
minimum. I was so amazed by this concealer when I first used it and I kept
repurchasing it every time I visited London. Now I’m closer to the source
living in Manchester, I can easily pick up a few back ups!
Another Tanya Burr
recommendation I’ve always kept repurchasing is the Maybelline The Falsies mascara. It’s a great everyday one
that gives heaps of volume and doesn’t clump my lashes too much. It’s easy to
apply, keeps a curl and comes off like a dream in the evening. Maybelline
mascaras in general are the best ones at the drugstore, I find.
Ever since I started
attempting contouring, I’ve been using Benefit’s
Hoola bronzer
for this. It’s slightly too dark for my skin tone to use
all over (at least when I’m not tanned) but works great as a contour shade for
me. This is still my first box and I’ve had it for two years now – can you
believe how much is still in there, considering I’ve been using it at least 70%
of the time ever since I got my hands on it? This baby lasts a lifetime and is
just overall a great product that will work on most skin tones.
A kohl eyeliner
I’ve had since the very beginning of my make up journey is the Mac Kohl Power Eye Pencil in the
shade Raven. It’s a deep
aubergine colour, which means it suits my green eyes perfectly. I don’t wear
eyeliner everyday and I never have, so there’s still lots of this pencil left,
but back in the days this would be the only one I would ever use. It’s still a
great colour for me and it still applies beautifully after all these years.
I’ve heard they are getting rid of this particular shade, but I think the Eye
Kohl in Prunella is very similar, if you’re interested.
Please let me know
which make up products have been in your collection since the old days, I’d
love to see all your recommendations.
Thanks again to
Abigail Alice for having me here!
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Hi, I’m Charline, a Belgian beauty &
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