70’s Jumpsuit Vibes

How much is there to say about a black jumpsuit? Apparently a quite a little bit. I’ve been really into jumpsuits for around a year now. I went out of my comfort zone last year for Parklife when I bought one to wear. It fit really well and looked great. Ever since then I’ve been loving the 70s vibe that a jumpsuit gives. Plus they’re just so easy to wear because you don’t have to worry about matching anything. It’s all sorted for you.

This jumpsuit has a really thin almost crepe feel to it and so is perfect for summer. I teamed it with my H&M x Balmain sleeveless blazer for a more sophisticated dinner look. I love the low cut of the jumpsuit and considering I have absolutely 0 breasts there is no risk of a slip. The low back is really nice also. I think it would look even better on a girl with long hair tied up in a pony!

What do you think of Jumpsuits? Are you in or out?