Summer Dressing With Tobi

I’m a huge online shopping fan and one of my favourite but lesser well known brands in comparison to huge online moguls like Missguided and NastyGal is Tobi. I’ve shopped Tobi a few times and have always been really impressed with the prices, quality and range of products available online. I love this summery T-Shirt dress from them and think it’s perfect for a day out!

I love the casual print and feel of the dress and would wear it out shopping or for drinks with my friends. I wore it out in L.A and it was so comfortable in the heat!
Also: I feel like I need to update you guys because I have not been posting consistently or frequently at all. My last two months in L.A were amazing. I turned 21 and went partying with my friends and family in Las Vegas which was incredible. I also had midterms and finals. I spent a lot of time socialisng with my friends because I knew my time at UCLA was coming to an end. There was a shooting at UCLA and then finals week. Basically my life has been a little crazy busy lately and instead of sacrificing time with my friends or my studies I sacrificed posting on my blog instead. But I’m back now and it’s summer holidays meaning I’ll be posting more often!