10 Things To Make You Look Better At The Gym


And by the title I mean not looking aesthetically better but make you look like you belong in the gym. We’ve all seen those people who head into the gym and clearly have no idea what they are doing. They do not belong in the territory they have found themselves in and they are too silly to notice it. Here’s 20 things to do to make you look like a Gym Bunny from someone who is a BIG lover of working out.

  1. Do not wear make-up to the gym: This is my absolute BIGGEST pet peeve because not only is the gym not the place to meet your potential next boyfriend it’s also detrimental. If you’re working out as you should be, you’ll be sweating. Covering your pores with make-up means you facial and neck skin cannot effectively sweat which is detrimental to your workout. Not to mention sweaty make-up clogging your pores is gross and will have the opposite effect on anyone you’re attempting to attract. Take it off with micellar water before you go it takes 2 mins.
  2. Make sure you know the equipment: I’ve seen people do things with equipment that are just unholy. Usually there are diagrams on the side of machines that look a little complicated. Take a look at them or ask a member of staff to show you how it works. Even if that machine isn’t useful to your workout you know for future reference and won’t end up hurting yourself.3
  3. Bench what you can: I see a lot of guys lifting weights that are clearly way too out of their league. It is much more beneficial for you to have the correct form and suitable weight for you whilst exercising rather than struggling with something.
  4. Don’t abuse the equipment: This ties in to my previous point. I’ve seen men slam dow weights on the ground because they physically cannot lift them anymore. Not only does this create a deafening sound that disturbs the whole gym you’re also damaging the equipment (and definitely the foundations of the floor) Just stop.
  5. Dress Appropriately: The other day I couldn’t help but be slightly amused by a girl who was on a treadmill next to mine as I ran my 5k warm up. She was wearing old battered Converse (absolutely NO support), a bomber jacket, leggings – the Primark kind not the exercise kind and a full face of make-up. She walked on the treadmill rather than ran of course. I couldn’t help but wonder why she bothers paying the monthly fee and wondered what her purpose was there (refer to point 1 – the gym is not Tinder)
  6. Try New Things: it’s totally cool to switch up your workout and ask the staff for help and suggestions. They aren’t there just to lead classes and take personal trainer sessions they are there to guide and assist you. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their favourite Ab workout – they’ll probably be flattered you asked.
  7. Don’t forget your headphones: Music is a huge motivator. Having a great playlist and structuring your music to fit a workout is a great way to propel you through. Try having your favourite, up beat and fast paced songs at a time where you usually feel yourself lagging. Have some chilled tunes in your 10 min warm down.
  8. Don’t be afraid of the classes: Classes are my favourite thing about my local gym. I do enjoy going there and doing a workout by myself but classes are amazing. They are more social so you’ll make new friends and it’s likely that there will be a range of different people there of various ages etc. The instructor will motivate you and push you harder than you push yourself – a Spin class led by a man screaming at you to work harder is likely to yield more results than if you sat on a bike and tried to motivate yourself. You could also find a new passion! I started taking Yoga classes at my gym three years ago and I’ve really gotten into it. I decided to start Pilates this past month and love that too. Without my gym classes I’d be much less happier with my membership.vault-jump-disaster-gym-box-13526791439
  9. Don’t Leave Equipment Unclean: It’s really easy to grab a sanitization wipe and go over the equipment you have touched or sat on before leaving it for someone else. Even if you haven’t been sweating profusely or do not feel tired as a courtesy to the next person wipe everything down. It doesn’t take long and you can use the break to catch your breath.
  10. Try to Enjoy It: There are so many benefit to regular exercise both mentally and physically. I feel so much better after a great gym session than I do if I sit at home and don’t do any exercise at all. You won’t feel guilty about eating a great meal, you won’t feel guilty that you didn’t do anything and you will feel confident and much better about yourself if you stay active!

Here’s a quick infographic on some of the benefits of exercise!


P.S: As a little side note – it’s great to take progress pics but don’t spend 10% of your workout in front of a mirror with your phone whilst you do nothing. That isn’t productive. Take the pic & carry on. Or save it for the locker room/at home.

I hope you guys feel more motivated to start working out whether that’s at the gym or at home. I’ve been so active these past two months and feel really amazing about my body and mental health wise. I hope to post some progress pics when the changes become more prominent to other people rather than just myself because of course I know my own body better than anyone!

Leave your Gym Do’s and Don’ts down below – I would love to read them!


  • The makeup at the gym thing literally kills me off a bit. Like, you’re gonna get sweaty. Why do you want layers of stuff sat on your face, mixing with your new found glow..? So grim!

    Katie // Words By Katie

  • Abby Evans

    This is such a great post, as I’ve been getting back to going to the gym. I hate the sound of the men who drop the weights. I totally agree, like why?.

    Abby Talks