A Belt Changes Everything

I really and truly hated this dress when I first got it. That’s the problem with online shopping you just don’t know what you’re gonna get (life is like a box of chocolates quote from Forrest Gump springs to mind here!) When I first opened my NastyGal package I was horrified at the pair of floral curtains I had received. They still lowkey look like my granny’s curtains…



This is one of those dresses that has absolutely no shape or structure which made my body look like a very wide rectangle. I had resolved to sell it on Ebay and so I decided to take some photos of it on to show potential buyers what it looks like. I’m always way more interested in a product on Ebay if I can see how it fits – I just wash when I receive! Low and behold I found an old belt that I thought might make it look slightly more sellable. I tied the belt and like Cinderella transforming from rags to riches my dress was no longer the curtain set at the back of a charity store but a beautiful, floaty, breathable, gypsy looking thing that I can actually wear outside. And look! It looks so cute when I swirl around! I actually feel kinda princessy!
And so the dress remains in the wardrobe for another summer. And I resolve to buy more belts that compliment my ugly outfits.



  • Charlotte Mill

    You are so right, adding a belt can completely change an outfit! You look fab!

    Charlotte xx


  • Florals are so pretty and fun to style and your dress just looks lovely on you! The belt just takes it up a notch, nice outfit!

    ISA Professional