Cocktail Making at All Bar One Liverpool

A Hen Party to remember!


I’ve been keeping very busy these past few weeks from Paris, to having my American friend over, travelling down to Oxford for a friend’s birthday & engagement party and this weekend brought around a well anticipated Hen Party. One of my oldest friends Cara is getting married in less than three weeks and to celebrate we headed up to Liverpool for cocktails and more cocktails and then slightly more cocktails…


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After arriving in Liverpool the whole team (around 13 strong) headed out to All Bar One where we paid only £20 each for a cocktail making class which was so much fun! We got to make mojitos, cosmo’s and a pomegranate and bergamot iced tea – alcoholic of course! They all tasted great but I think the Iced Tea was my favourite. I’ve never attempted to make cocktails before and I never worked a job where I would have to although I can make a mean cappuccino if you want one. It was really great to learn how to make these drinks and if my mom or I are ever hosting company in the near future at least we know how to make good drinks!

We checked into our apartments after food at All Bar One which was really yummy. We shared some huge platters before headed back for a quick freshen up and then we moved onto our evening meal at a place on the Liverpool Docks called Panem (Does this remind anyone else of the world in Hunger Games? It’s the same name!) The night consisted of good food and a lot of drinks as we bar hopped from place to place along the docks. I haven’t been over to Liverpool very much but the Docks were absolutely lovely and I’m keen to go back there again and explore the city a little further. We met some very crazy characters in a bar called Revolution de Cuba and you’ll get to see them when I upload the Vlog of the weekend.

It was really great to meet some of Cara’s friends before the wedding in a few weeks. She’s known me since I was born so it’s crazy to think how long our friendship has been around for. I’m really excited and privileged to be able to act as Bridesmaid for her.

I had a great time celebrating Cara’s last few weeks as a fiancé and cannot wait for the wedding soon!