Full Face of Highlighter’s Challenge!

I went there. Swept up in the Jeffree Star and Nikki Tutorials hype I did the FULL FACE OF HIGHLIGHTER’s Challenge. My God does it feel weird slapping that amount of glow on your face but oh so good at the same time! I also went a little overboard on the tear streaks down my eyes because I’m incredibly dramatic and the bags under my eyes were damn huge.


Doing this challenge was A LOT of fun. I really enjoyed playing around with an intense highlight and using some liquid highlighters that I rarely ever reach for in the process too. I’m definitely going to be mixing some of my liquid highlighters with my foundation and experimenting with a bigger dewy glow all over my face rather than just where I would apply normal powdered highlighter.

This was a wearable look up until I added highlighter on top of the base that was made solely of highlighter. I also love the little dab of highlight on the lips and think it really makes them stand our (or it would if my eyes weren’t such a colossal mess!)

What do you guys think of the challenge? Are you going to give it a go? All the products I used including the amazing Vegan eyeshadows I used for my tears are listed in the description box on my YouTube video. Give it a watch & let me know your thoughts!


  • I love it! This is the coolest one I have ever seen! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  • So cool! I like that you did something different with it. Im living for the “full face using only _____” and “100 layers of ____” challenges.

    Mikayla @ Fluent in Living