Personal update & more Tobi!

Hey guys! Quick update. These past two weeks have been kind of shitty for me since coming back from Paris so my posts have been really irregular. I’m really missing L.A and all my friends there and really feel like that’s home now so I kind of feel homesick towards it. I’m enjoying catching up with my friends that I haven’t seen all year but I’m tired of going out for drinks and just want to chill by the beach. My two best friends aren’t around right now which is also unfortunate. My grandad is currently very sick but I’m hoping he’ll be better soon but getting bad news every time my mom see’s him is really upsetting and he’s constantly at the back of my mind. I hope things will improve soon and I can be myself again. I hope you enjoy the post too…

I’m loving the clothes Tobi sent me the other week. In addition to my previous posts they also sent me this lovely maxi dress. I’m really into the open back design at the moment for summer because it’s just so convenient and airy. Even if I do spend most of my time in England and the weather can be a bit unpredictable! I like how my tattoo pops out too because I very rarely ever wear any clothing that can show it off so it’s nice to see it peeking out!
I hope you guys are doing really well!



  • Love this dress and the fact it has pockets! x