Benefit Cosmetics Under the Microscope – New, Old & Desirable Products

Benefit's Try Before You Buy is a Winner


Trying New Benefit Launches and Old Favourites Again

I love trying out mini versions of products because you never know if you’re going to like something unless you try it. Even if a product has 100 great reviews and only 1 bad one – you aren’t going to know if you are on the bad or the good side until you try it. Benefit Cosmetics is, in my opinion, an expensive brand for what you buy. I think the packaging draws people in but the products are generally average at best and actually mediocre for the price tag. So I’m glad Benefit has released these mini’s that you can buy in Boots for a reasonable 4 for £15!

Benefit-cosmetics-minis benefit-minis-swatches

I first purchased High Beam on my fifteenth birthday and didn’t really know how to use it. I used to mix it in with my foundation and literally glowed all over. So wrong. I gave High Beam a rest and recently resurrected it. Cue 2016, highlight is huge and everyone knows where it goes and what to do with it. High Beam is a really great liquid highlight for people with pale skin. I don’t wear this when I’m tan because it’s just too white and obvious. I like using it on my cheekbones and tip of my nose, not so much on my forehead as it looks sweaty. Would I purchase the full size? No. There are much better & cheaper highlighter’s on the market than Benefit Cosmetics. But I’ll probably still use all of the mini anyway.

I love experimenting with concealer and my favourite would be Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Concealer (check this product out in my ‘Everyday College Make-Up Post’). So in goes the Bo-ing and Eye-Bright Duo because it’s two products in one and affordable in the mini deal. Unfortunately, the Bo-ing concealer in shade 02 is too dark for my under eye area. It’s probably going to work well after my holiday to Santorini so I’m pretty excited to be using it after my vacation. Eye Bright’s white colour counteracts my under eye bags which is fab! I just need to use my UD concealer for the perfect under-eye duo. Would I repurchase? I would like to try the concealer in a lighter colour before buying full size. I would maybe try a full size of Eye Bright if I fall more in love.

There used to be a couple of Benefit products similar to the new Dew the Hoola range that has been launched around the Hoola bronzer. It seems as though Benefit Cosmetics have axed these items and have opted to expand their Hoola range instead. The Dew The Hoola is a great way to stop buying a new foundation once you have come back off of holiday with a tan. You simply squirt some of the tan formula onto your hand and mix it with your regular foundation and ta da – you’re like two shades darker!  This product is going to be useful after vacation and it means avoiding buying more than one foundation. Would I buy full size? Nope, I have enough bronzer anyway.

The That Gal face brightening primer I really do like. I can see the difference on my skin after applying my moisturiser. It’s kind of like a more toned down High Beam under my foundation. It gives my pale skin a really subtle glow. Again, I think this is meant for pale skin because the glow is white which is obviously another example of brands catering to lighter skin shades. It doesn’t feel as heavy as Porefessional on my skin either. Would I repurchase full size? I think I might give it a go but not in a rush.

One of my friends absolutely loves Benefit’s skincare so I’ve been wanting to try it out for a while. The moisturiser smells lovely and does feel great on the skin. It makes my skin feel hydrated without feeling oily or too hydrated like I could start producing oil soon. I’m intrigued by Benefit’s skincare so I probably would repurchase this full size along with a cleanser and toner!

What do you think of the brand Benefit? All in all, I think their products are average but with a too expensive price tag for what you get. If you love any other Benefit products let me know but please don’t mention Benefit’s terrible mascaras. They are heinous.


  • Em B

    i used to really want the Benefit High Beam highlighter! i’ve tried the mini POREfessional primer and liked it, but thought it was very expensive for what it was and i never purchased the big one! lovely post:) x