The Best & Worst Products of July!

July's favourites & least favourite items


We have all been left wowed and disappointed at products and things that we have tried in the past. But in my July video, you can find out the products to avoid so you don’t have to try the terrible things that I did and therefore you can save your money for the things you actually love! In short, here’s my July favourites and least favourites video…

My favourite item in the whole video was the Nip & Fab product. As per usual, I was super happy with the Nip and Fab Deep Cleanser. The brand always impresses me and I’m eager to try out more products from them to see if the whole brand is as consistent as it seems. Let me know if there are any Nip & Fab products that you love to try. I personally think it’s a great skincare brand that’s similar in its’ effectiveness and price tag as La Roche Posay.

Another special shoutout goes to the Lang Leav poetry books I bought. They really are just so special and precious. They make me want to start writing poetry too! There’s also another really great read that I have been making my way through called The Shoemaker’s Wife. It’s a great tale about two Italian children who emigrate to New York and make a life for themselves in America. The way the book is written is absolutely beautiful so if you’re looking for a new read check out the video to hear my thoughts on it in depth.

Let me know what products are your favourites from the video! Also, if you have any video ideas you’d like me to try out I would love to hear them also.ย 

  • When you said you wore makeup or the troll would call you ugly but they do that anyway but whatever, it made me laughed! I love your nonchalant attitude, good for you and I think you’re gorgeous! I used BioOil when I was pregnant but OMG, it broke me out so bad. My stomach and hips areas flared up in red, itchy rashes so badly. ๐Ÿ™

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • There’s just no pleasing internet haters so I grew to not care about their comments! I’m so shocked BioOil broke you out I thought it was one of those really gentle products for everyone! Did you use anything else for stretch marks when you were pregnant? xx

  • Ha ha this video made me laugh. You total babe.

    I really wish I could get into poetry…I’ve just never really been able to appreciate it and I’m not sure why. I think I just don’t get it, but I might buy those books and see if I can get on board! Lovely red lippie too, woman. You look the bomb.

    Katie xx ยฆ

    • Honestly, Lang Leav is amazing for poetry beginners! Nothing complex, just really raw and heartfelt poems. I hope you like them ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Charlotte Mill

    Just watched your vid and loved the hit and shit! Such a great idea!

    Charlotte x