Worth the Hype? Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review & Swatches

Posie K Liquid Lipstick & Gloss


Kylie Jenner Posie K Liquid Lipstick & Gloss

Kylie Jenner has become a household name when it comes to Beauty products. The launch of her Lip Kits saw a frenzy of customers snatching up the lip kits in record breaking time. It seems every time she restocks she sells out within minutes, breaking a record from her previous week in sales. What is so special about these lip products? I got my hands on my favourite shade, Posie K, to try the gloss and the liquid lipstick out for you…

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I would firstly like to say that whoever did the packaging design for Kylie Cosmetic’s make-up is an absolute genius. Dripping lips coated in her product with the gold grill is so eye catching and dare I say, iconic? Plus it totally gives off Kylie Jenner’s vibe. But we don’t buy a product for the packaging even if it is the first thing we see and the thing that initially draws us in. The colour Posie K is very impressive. It’s a really pretty dusty rose shade that suits absolutely everyone. I have not seen a shade quite like it with most of the other ones I have coming closer to either the brown or hot pink shade so I’m happy I have it in my collection.

The applicator for both the gloss and liquid lipstick are absolutely fine and I have no problems with them. I know what the first launch of the glosses saw a huge torrent of complaints because the applicator was horrid. Kylie Cosmetics seem to have fixed that and the gloss goes on no worries. The second thing I noticed upon opening the box after the applicator is how strong the vanilla scent is. Jeffree Star commented how strong the smell was and I suppose I didn’t really believe him. Or could not believe him until I had smelt it. The vanilla scent is very, very strong and I have a terrible sense of smell. Luckily, I love vanilla so it isn’t an issue for me and once it’s applied you can’t smell it. Only when you smell the tubes.

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The glosses pigmentation and colour is excellent. Posie K is a gorgeous shade and I highly recommend it. The only downfall is that the liquid lipstick is a little bit on the dry side. Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks manage to be long lasting, matte and hydrating. But Kylie Jenner’s are definitely not made for people who are prone to dry or chapped lips. Luckily (again), I am not prone to dry or chapped lips but it could be an issue for you if you are. A huge positive point I can say for the gloss is that it is not sticky at all. I absolutely hate sticky gloss and it has put me off using the formula for years opting for matte all the way. But Kylie Jenner seems to have cracked the non-sticky gloss formula.

Altogether, I do like both of these products. Are they worth the price tag? No, you can find cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Despite the singles only being $17 which is what I usually pay for a liquid lipstick. They aren’t quite as good as my usual favorites. Am I glad I bought them? Yes, actually. My curiosity has been satiated. I no longer need to shop from Kylie Jenner’s made-up line because I already have a piece of it and know what it is like.

If you have any of Kylie’s products please let me know what you thought of them down below!


  • Sheridan Grady

    Great review! I have heard a lot of people say that they like them, but they aren’t worth the price! I’ll stick to NYX for now I think! The shade you chose is so gorgeous though x


    • I like NYX but find they only last an hour or two in which case Kylie’s are better. Although you pay for it!

  • claudia wright

    I was so tempted to try and get Dolce K and Candy K but after hearing the reviews, I will stick to my (much cheaper) NYX matte lip cremes. That packaging is unreal though!

    Claudia xx

    • I hear ColourPop are super similar to Kylie’s! I like NYX but find they don’t last too long!

  • Personally, I’m not that keen on Kylie so I won’t be giving in to the hype, plus the price tag puts me off when there’s so many amazing brands out there that are just as good. I know a few people have had issues with the wand but it’s good to know the formula is alright – lovely review!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    • Thanks for commenting Anika! I feel the price is within what I would pay for a High End products like ABH, Kat Von D but I agree I prefer those brands over hers! xx

  • Abby Evans

    I love the shades you picked out, but am so hesitant to actually try these. I just ordered the Jouer Lip Creams and I think I’m going to stick to that!

    Abby Talks

    • A lot of people have their reservations! The product is good but the same price as ABH who is liquid lipstick goddess!

  • These shades are so pretty but I still think that its so much money considering they’ve had really mixed reviews. Its been helpful knowing your opinion though xx


    • I agree! I think the amount of exposure she has doesn’t help either. If Kylie Jenner puts out a mediocre product then everyone knows of the bad reviews but if any other brand does the same it isn’t picked up on as well! I always think the bad is amplified more on the internet too.

  • Violette

    Love the colors of these lipsticks! Thanks for the review!


  • Love the colours but it’s the price that puts me off…

    Lauren x | http://www.huggled.co.uk/

  • Em B

    i’m dying to try Kylie’s lip kit but the price puts me off and i knew it’d stress me out when all the lip products sold out so quickly. they sound amazing though, great review:)


  • Would love to try Kylie’s lipsticks! The packaging looks very appealing.


  • Agness

    Many thanks for a great review of this product. It’s quite expensive so it’s good to know your opinion. I’m not the biggest fan of Kylie Jenner but this lipstick may be good! 🙂

  • Love this review!

  • S Jones

    I think this may be one of my favourite colours from the range as I’ve been loving pinks at the moment. I’m not sure I’d order this though as I’ve heard getting your hands on them can be a bit of a pain with shipping and customs x


  • Love how honest this review is. I feel like some people get blinded by how much they’ve wanted one that they believe it’s going to be the best product ever even if it’s not, if that makes sense!

    The Makeup Directory

  • Good to hear another side of this! I’ve yet to buy from Kylie but I feel like stuff like this can never truly live up to the hype! X

    Eating vegan for a day on –

  • Violette

    I like the colors but I heard many times that these lipstick was not really good quality… Thanks for the review!


  • The colour looks good on your hand swatches <3


  • Awesome post!! Great photos x

  • Selena Sanchez

    Kylie Jenner first released the time and day she was going to restock her products, and I was counting down the days and minutes. Once it reached 11 am on Friday, I went directly to the website to purchase a lip kit. I kept refreshing and refreshing; the page wasn’t loading. This was frustrating because I was one of the 300,000 people on the website at that time. Therefore, there was a little chance that I would be able to order my favorite shade, KoKo K. I finally retyped the link and got it to work before my favorite lip kit sold out.
    The pricing of the lip kit wasn’t too bad because there was free shipping. Twenty-nine dollars can be expensive for some people, but thank God for free shipping otherwise I would not have been okay with spending over fifty dollars on one lip kit. A disadvantage of the Kylie Cosmetic line is that it is only available to purchase online, not in stores. I was worried about this because I was not sure if I was going to like the color I ordered.
    My order summary stated that the lip kit would take three to eight business days to deliver. Four days after I placed my order, I looked outside my door and I saw the little Kylie Cosmetics box placed on my front steps. The packaging was very official and was sealed well. The lip kit looked as perfect as can be, also came in the color that I ordered.
    I opened the lip kit right away and it had a floral scent to it which was surprising to me because lip sticks usually don’t have a good smell to them. I also really liked the KoKo K color. It is the perfect nude pink for me. The lip liner applied very easily and smoothly, but it seemed as if the lip liner didn’t match the matte lip stick exactly which bothered me a little. The matte lip stick had good consistency and it was easy to apply. Application is important for lip stick because this is the only way it will go on even and stay on longer throughout your day. The lip kit dried almost immediately after I applied it which was aggravating because you are only supposed to apply one layer otherwise it will start to crack over time. It would have been better if the formula didn’t dry as fast so that I could apply it evenly versus applying it too fast before it dries. I always like to take my time when I apply my make up, but I feel like these lip kits dry too fast for me to be neat and accurate when I apply.
    Throughout my day, the lip kit didn’t seem to rub off at all if I accidently rubbed my lips. It pretty much stained my lips for a couple hours. Over time it did dry out a little which was annoying because I thought it would last me all day considering what I paid for it. I experiemented and found out if you apply chap stick before the lip kit, your lips won’t dry out at all throughout the day. I don’t really mind it drying out on my lips because it is a matte lipstick that is supposed to be dry with no shine. If it dries out, then I will just reapply.
    I would like to rate this product four stars because it was overall a great product and it is what I expected. I have found that the Kylie lip kit, KoKo K, was a great purchase for many reasons. I did get lucky with the free shipping which reduced the price by quite a bit. I was surprised with how fast it delivered and the quality of the product. Before purchasing this product, I believed that not all the popular name brands are always good quality, but the Kylie Cosmetic line is legit. I am pleased with how the product turned out because I love the way it looks on me and how long it stays on. I am excited to explore the Kylie Cosmetic website and purchase more products because I believe her makeup line has the best quality, plus she always has all kinds of deals so keep your eyes open!