10 Unforgettable Things to do in Santorini

One of the world's most beautiful islands made simple

Santorini is such a beautiful island and an increasingly popular tourist destination. If you haven’t been before it can be difficult to choose where to stay and what to do. There’s Oia, Fira and if you’re into beaches Perissa and Perivolos. Here’s a quick guide showing you what’s what in each of these towns!

  1. Hire an ATV and go explore the island:
    This will definitely be one of the best things you do when you visit Santorini. You’ll see a lot of tourists and locals alike getting around on these quad bikes. They’re really affordable to rent for the day and cost around €10 to fill with the petrol you need to get round the whole island twice. It’s very convenient and you don’t have to rely on busses.
  2. Eat Tzatziki at an authentic Greek restaurant:
    This Greek delicacy has almost replaced my love of hummus (but nothing could quite replace that!) You may have tried it before but not like this. It’s a blend of Greek yogurt, cucumber and mint. It goes so well with some bread to dip. Here’s a recipe in case you would like to try it for yourself.Oia Santorini
  3. Take a sunset yacht trip:
    Santorini is known for some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world and what better place to view them than from a catamaran? The trips leave around 3pm and return once the sun is down. You’ll most likely receive free food and alcoholic beverages with you trip which is fab. I highly recommend Caldera Yachting which is the trip I took. I hear Sunset Oia trips are great too.
  4. Go Jet Skiing
    Jet Skiing is one of my favourite things to do on vacation because I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. My mom never used to ask me: If your friends were going to jump off a cliff would you do it too? Because I would be the friend that suggested it. Jet skiing is a tame start but it is so much fun and can break up an otherwise uneventful day at the beach.
  5. Go Parasailing
    Perhaps a little scarier and not for people who detest heights. I love parasailing. It was amazing to get 150ft up and be able to see the whole island from up top. I got some great aerial Vlog footage of the island and you can take a look at it here!Don’t forget to check out my other Santorini post: What Did You Get Up to in Santorini?Monastery Santorini Pyrgos
  6. Visit the monastery on the top of the mountain
    The Monastery of Profitis Ilias is on the top of a mountain near Pyrgos. It’s easily accessible by car or ATV (my personal preference). It offers stunning panoramic views of the whole island, is beautiful in itself and is silent. It’s a wonderful place. It also has a small gift shop where you can buy items made by the men living there. I got myself a little roasary bracelet.
  7. Visit the traditional village of Pyrgos
    This was my dad’s favourite part about the trip. He was desperate to re-visit Pyrgos after our first trip on the ATV’s. It’s a beautiful little village that isn’t packed full of tourists. You can get a great sunset view if you walk up to the top of the hill towards the church. It’s even better than the sunset in Oia and much less crowded.
  8. Go to a plate smashing restaurant
    Usually these are advertised outside the restaurant but in Perissa there’s a Greek family owned restaurant that has traditional music, dancers and yes, plate smashing. It was so much fun getting involved in this Greek tradition and also a little therapeutic!Sunset in Santorini Pyrgos Oia Fira
  9. Go to a Winery  
    There are a lot of wineries in Santorini. You don’t have to book or anything because a lot of them are family owned you simply turn up, sample a few and leave with a cheap but tasty €10 bottle. There are of course more structured and fancier wineries in Santorini that you’ll end up paying more for. It all depends on what your budget is and what you fancy experiencing!
  10. Visit Fira
    A busy and touristy small town but full of shopping and also has great views. I didn’t stay there for sunset but the views in Fira are perfect for those photography shots of the blue and white buildings crawling up the hill as through they are clambering ontop of one another. You don’t have to stay too long but it is worth seeing.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my 10 Thing to Do in Santorini post! If you have been to Santorini and think I have missed something off the list don’t hesitate to send a little note recommending something else too! Have you guys ever visited Mykonos? I would love to hear your recommendations for that Greek island too!