20 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Me!

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Time to Get Personal

Hello everyone! So I thought I would do a facts about me post because I can’t recall ever doing one! I tried to do more fun or surprising facts rather than the generic ones. Let me know some facts about yourself in the comments – I would love to know more about my readers!

20 Facts About Me Sam Hunt Montevallo Sweater Merch

  1. I have a scar on my knee from the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando Florida. I was stood in front of a rather large man when I was around 7 years old and he wiped me out. I thought I was going to drown. The wave pool was my favorite part about the park.
  2. One of my favourite books is The Great Gatsby even though I hated the ending (obviously)
  3. My favourite film is Titanic. I hate it because it makes me cry, I love it because it makes me cry.
  4. I have one friend and whenever I am with her I get kicked out of places (festivals, nightclubs) for seemingly no reason.
  5. My favourite fruits are banana and mango. My fav smoothie is a combination of the two.
  6. I have three tattoos.
  7. One of my ex’s has my initials ‘AAJ’ tattooed on them in a little heart with the date we met. Probably wasn’t the best idea on his part (I didn’t know he was getting the tattoo)
  8. I passed my driving test first time round.
  9. I’ve known my best friend Jordan all of his life (I’m two months older than him)
  10. I study English Lit at Uni. I really want to be a writer or also an airplane pilot.
  11. I’ve been to 19 countries. I really want to go to all of them.
  12. And 7 states in the U.S.A. I plan to road trip all of them.
  13. I’m one of the most fiercely loyal and protective people I know. The only other I can think of is my best friend Holly who I know would do anything for me and vice versa!
  14. I have roughly Β£6,000 worth of books in my room
  15. My fav TV series has to be Gossip Girl. Although I adore Game of Thrones.
  16. I met the Many Faced God from Game of Thrones whilst on holiday
  17. I used to throw fruit around my living room when I didn’t get my way as a child. I don’t throw tantrums now (cos I get my way hehe)
  18. I’ve never wanted a regular 9-5 job. I’ve always wanted to write and travel.
  19. I love country music. Don’t knock it. Listen to Sam Hunt for me and tell he isn’t amazing.
  20. I love England to bits but I can’t imagine living in one place all my life.

Let me know a fact about yourself down below!


  • This was such a lovely post!
    You’ve been to 19 countries? Wow, I’m soo impressed! x


    • Thank you Serena! & yes it’s a bit excessive but travelling is my favourite!

  • Claire Cavanagh

    Yay for English Lit! Also I’m very jealous about the Many Faced God meeting…

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    • My whole family hated me for meeting him we’re all huge GOT fans! x

  • I’d always love having a road trip across the State. Can’t imagine how many books you own btw! πŸ˜€

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    • almost too many! haha I’ll have to count them one day!

  • Wow, that’s a lot of books you have, that’s like my dream! Lovely post to read since it’s my first time on your blog!

    Lauren x | http://www.huggled.co.uk/

    • I’ve been collecting for years! Welcome & thank you for commenting <3

  • Esraa Bassiouny

    19 countries! you are so lucky. I also love game of thrones.
    How about we follow each other on bloglovin’? Follow me and I’ll follow you back.

  • Fun facts! Thanks for sharing.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • You are so cute. Cannot believe you have been to 19 countries!

    Enclothed Cognition

  • Em B

    so lucky that you’ve been to 19 countries! lovely post:) x


    • I know! Can’t wait to tick more off the list though.

  • I feel exactly the same way about Titanic and I love country music too! Easily my favourite genre to sing along to.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  • I feel totally relate to #18 <3
    19 Countries! wow so impressive!

    Kate x | http://katealifestyle.blogspot.com

    • travelling and working would be the dream! thanks for visiting and commenting <3

  • Wow 19 countries is amazing – I’ve only been to 3 which is a very small amount and it kinda makes me sad! Very lucky, and lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Where would you visit next if you could choose any place? xx

      • Definitely New York!

  • This is such a great read and it’s once to know you a little better. And holy cow, 19 countries?! I wish I have travelled half that many.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading! I’ll have to choose someplace special for the 20th country! xx

  • Louise Hunt
  • Agness

    I really like when bloggers get personal. It’s the only one way to get to know them and find out who they really are. 19 countries visited so far? Wow, great number and congrats on your driving licence! πŸ™‚

    • I love reading personal posts too! Thank you for commenting <3

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I am fascinated by the fact that you’ve been to 19 countries!! I love those boots BTW, so cute!


  • I love reading posts like this so I can get to know the blogger better! The part were you said that you threw fruit made me laugh haha πŸ™‚

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  • Wellwell Girl

    what are your tattoos?

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.co.uk/

    • I have a small heart that matches with my mom, the deathly hallows symbol and a Hamsa hand.

  • Can’t believe your ex got a tattoo with initials, that’s definitely a story to tell!! Love these kinds of posts. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of travelling which is lovely πŸ™‚

    The Makeup Directory

    • I know it makes me cringe so badly now! I don’t even know if he still has it or got it covered.

  • Kelsey & Kenecha

    I love getting to know people! Bananas are the best I have to agree haha πŸ™‚


  • cool photos, I love your sweater! one of my fav books is gatsby too =)


  • I always love reading posts like these and getting to know the person behind the blog. I can’t believe how many books you have, and I also have a scar. It’s on my forehead. I got it when I was 4 went I tripped on my dress and hit a corner.


  • Banana mango smoothie. I mean, it truly is a spectacular combination. You can’t go wrong. Pineapple is my favorite. :]

    // β–² itsCarmen.com β–²

  • I have that one friend too that has such an influence on me, we both get into trouble, ha!

    I also can’t imagine me living in the UK my entire life. People find that weird when I mention it?!

    Fashionicide // An Oasis of Colour, in a Sea of Nudes

    • Most people I know feel like they dont want to live in the Uk but also dont know how to leave! I think that’s the main issue with trying to get out of a country! x

  • I feel the same way about living in the States. I was born and raised here, but I want to live somewhere else for a few years at least! Gossip Girl is one of my favorite shows too and I love Titanic for the same reasons haha (and because Jack Dawson is everything to me :p).

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    • I would love to live in the US after spending a year in L.A! Jack was amazing! The end scene made me cry so bad.

  • Cara E

    I looooved this! Gossip Girl is the best <3

  • lindsey simon

    You met the Many Faced God? Awesome! Love these little facts πŸ™‚

    Love, Lindsey

  • I love reading these type of posts.
    I also would love to write and travel, wouldn’t want to live in one place for too long.