5 Amazing Foods You Have to Try in Vietnam


Foods You Must try in Vietnam

Over the past few years South East Asia has fast become a huge tourist destination. Vietnam, along with Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are on a lot of young adults bucket lists with many people I know taking gap years of month long summer travels out East. I visited Thailand two years ago and fell in love with South East Asia. Next up on my list is Vietnam! 




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Goi Cuon

This meal is one of the most famous to come out of the nation – and for good reason.

There’s a simplicity about Goi Guon which sees it stand out from the crowd; with either pork or prawns wrapped up in transparent rice paper alongside vegetables to create a basic but scrumptious snack.

A dipping sauce made of ground peanuts is a common addition, with the recipe a relatively easy one for anyone to try at home if they get a taste for it while they’re out there.


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Du A To Oi (Fresh Coconut)

Coconut water is something that’s become increasingly popular in supermarkets across the past few years. But the reality is the drink has been prevalent in Vietnam for centuries.

Unlike the store-bought stuff found in both the UK and USA, this coconut water is drunk straight out of the fruit (or nut, dependant on your opinion on the age-old nut vs fruit debate).

Simply crack a hole in one of these and then slurp up the tasty inside. It’s said the bigger the coconut, the less sweet it’ll be.


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  Ca Phe Sua Da

Vietnam might not sound like a nation who are naturally linked with coffee, but in reality they can’t get enough of it.

Hanoi is a region which particularly focuses on the production of delicious caffeine-heavy beverages, with people there growing their own crops to be turned into drink.

When you’re in the area make sure to ask for Ca Phe Sua Da. This delicacy sees iced coffee mixed with milk for a sweet treat.


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Vietnamese food and drink does not get more effective than it does with the wonder that is Pho.

This dish is for all intents and purposes just noodles which have been made from rice and then boiled in a broth alongside basil, lime, mint leaves and bean sprouts. The core meat of the dish comes in the form of either chicken or beef.

Pho is generally served for breakfast and is notoriously tricky to eat without looking like a bit of a numpty – owing to the sloppy nature of the noodles.


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From Pho to Che. This popular dessert sees a variety of ingredients – primarily mung beans, fresh berries and jelly – mixed together over ice.

This crazy concoction doesn’t really have a set recipe. There are all sorts of different flavour combinations possible dependant on your preference.

The dessert is primarily served inside a glass and eaten with a spoon like a traditional western mousse – albeit a much chillier one.

These are just five of the very best foods and drinks in Vietnam. If you’re travelling to Vietnam in the near future, why not try one of these delicious delights for yourself? Are there any you would avoid or are desperate to try? Let me know in the comments!