9 Essentials To Make Your Next Road Trip Amazing

Essentials for the journey


Road Trip Essentials

Hello everyone! I’m back from a blogging break due to a couple of vacations I had lined up with a great blog post from my friend Em at EmJBarker. If you have a road trip coming up or want to plan one before Uni starts in less than two weeks read on to find out her essentials…


Hey everyone! I’m Em from the blog Em B. Abigail and I are doing a guest post swap today, which is so exciting. I love road trips, so I decided to share some of my road trip essentials with you. You can read Abigail’s post on my blog here.
– Music (Old CD’s): In my opinion, one of the best things to do during road trips are playing old CD’s and singing as loud as possible, to songs you forgot existed. It’s literally one of my favourite things to do during long journeys.


– iPad/iPhone/iPod: I couldn’t forget my phone, iPad or iPod. My iPad is what I write blog posts on and I have music on it. My phone is what I message my friends on and scroll through social media on. I also listen to music on my phone. My iPod is what I have the most music on, especially older songs. These are huge essentials for me, especially as sometimes I just want to sit and listen to my own music and write.


– Headphones: I always take my headphones with me in case I want to listen to music or edit a video.


– iPhone & iPad charger: My phone charger is an essential for me on road trips if I’m going to be using my iPad/iPhone a lot. You probably know how much battery Snapchat takes, so a charger is a huge essential.


– Comfy Clothes: Ok, this all depends on where I’m going. If I’m going on holiday, I’ll wear comfy clothes like tracksuit bottoms and a baggy jumper or something. If I’m going on a long day trip, I’ll just wear my normal clothes.


– Hand Sanitizer: This is an essential for road trips for using before eating. This always comes in handy.
– Pillow & Blanket: Pillows and blankets are a road trip essential for me if I’m going on holiday, especially during the Autumn/Winter time or just on a really cold day. Also, if I’m going on holiday then I like to take my own pillow or two with me.


– Food & Drink: I always like to have a smoothie or drink with me on car journeys and a snack.


– Notebook: I like to take my blogging notebook with me. I like to jot down any ideas so I don’t forget.


What are your road trip essentials?




  • Becky Hughff

    The playlist is definitely the most important thing! When me and my friends go on road trips we end up listening to some really nostalgic 90s pop – think Steps, S club 7, Five… it’s brilliant!


  • These are all essentials for me too! I find that having the AC on can leave your skin quite dry, so I like to have a nice fresh hand moisturiser and a light face moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s a really good idea too! I always find that happens to me on flights xx

  • I always blare out music on a road trip and take a handbag full of snacks! xx


    • Me too! Especially if I’m driving late at night the music keeps me so focused x

  • Oh wow, you write blog posts on your iPad? I find that so difficult to do O_O It would definitely be SO much simpler with it, though, instead of having to lug around a big ol’ laptop. Now to just convince a friend to do a road trip :b


    • I personally don’t! My guest poster Em does on the go though. I find it super difficult too and I’m not sure how she does it haha! xx

  • Music, powerbanks, and pillow are essential for me! Thanks for sharing yours!

    Oh Dear Bumblebees