GRWM: Back to University Edition!

GRWM for your first day of University classes!

University College Get Ready With Me GRWM

Hey guys! So University Fresher’s is almost over for me. For those of you who don’t go to University in the UK Fresher’s Week is a week without class where you move back to University and basicallyย adjust back to Uni life. You can try different sports and societies and party every night with your new & old friends.

I’ve had two nights off over 8 days so I’m actually so exhausted but I wanted my last Fresher’s week as an Undergrad to be great. Monday is the beginning of classes for me as my final year as an English Literature student. Luckily I’m only in classes two days a week (Monday and Friday) So I actually have 5 days off per week! Which I’m sure I’m going to need for the sports I do and the reading.

Watch my GRWM Video here!

Anyway, I put together a GRWM video for University. It includes make-up, hair and four seasonal outfits for you to take a look at. I am full of excitement for classes to start so I can get a little structure into my otherwise crazy Fresher’s life. Although, the fact that I’m going to have a University degree under my belt and possibly be studying for another by this time next year is absolutely astounding to me!

Let me know if you’re studying at Uni this year? Which outfit out of the four was your favourite?