How to Be Better at Airport Security

17-waysto-be-betterat-1Yes, really i’m posting on this. I’m always astounded when I get to an airport and people seemingly have no idea what is going on or are oblivious to following very simple instructions. I agree, it could be someone’s first time at flying but people who are terrible at airports are a pandemic it’s definitely not a first timer syndrome. Being efficient at airports is key in this day an age it will make it easier for you and will totally lessen any anxiety you may have that could arise when a security guard is shouting at you for doing something wrong. So here’s some tips to make it easier for you and everyone around you.

  1. Organise your liquids prior to arrival
    Even if you do it in a taxi organise your liquids! You are not allowed to take anything over 100ml in your hand luggage which is the item of luggage you’ll keep on you at all times. In your checked luggage you can take as much as you want. Place everything into a clear plastic bag before your arrival, you can even buy sturdier versions from Boots instead of having to take one from airport personnel.
  2. Don’t take as much liquid
    Unless you’re going away for a weekend and do not have checked luggage there is absolutely no reason why you need your full face of make-up in your hand luggage. I am always astounded when people turn up to a long haul flight that allows checked baggage with all their make-up. It’s so unnecessary. Store your make-up in your checked luggage near the top of your case. If you’re so desperate to put make-up on after your flight then you can nip to the bathroom or do it in your cab home.
  3. Not wearing flats? Take ’em off
    If you’re wearing any kind of shoe with a heel on, even if its a small bootie, you will have to take these off. Look at people in the queue ahead of you and if they are taking off shoes similar to yours then be prepared.
  4. If it’s bigger than an iPhone take it out of your bag
    All electronics that are bigger than an iPhone should be out of your bag. This includes iPads and drones. Put these in a separate tray.
  5. Your bag needs to be in a tray too
    I think this is for damage to personal goods reasons. But your handbag or rucksack needs to go in a tray too even though they are usually perfectly fine going straight on the conveyor belt.
  6. Empty your pockets
    This is usually one that the men fail to do. Then they pull out £5 worth of coins from the crevices of their pockets, some gum, and a tissue that’s three years old. Take all the stuff out of your pockets and put it in a small separate pocket of your rucksack. You can do this whilst you’re waiting in line.
  7. Relax and pay attention to staff
    So many people appear to be in their own little world during airport security which makes everything take longer as they usually are not listening to instructions. Can you imagine being an airport security guard having to tell people over and over the same stuff? Whilst simultaneously you’re supposed to be looking out for any suspicious or dangerous items? You really should not be making their job any harder. Listen to them, keep an eye on them in case they are calling you forward etc. Most of all pay them respect. They don’t get paid much to do an incredibly important job. It also is not their fault if there are delays, usually it’s the customers – just like me and you.

If you’re a well seasoned travelled I’d love to know what bits of advice you have for airport security too. Let me know in the comments!


  • I always get stuck behind clueless people too ha! Such great tips Abigail, I had a similar post title lined up in my Drafts in fact!

    • Would love to read your when you publish it! Let me know when/if it goes up! xx

  • Hahaha I love this!
    I get so frustrated when I’m stuck behind someone who has no clue at security, because I’m always super prepared so I don’t hold anyone up!

    francesca | xx

    • Me too! Always prepared way before I need to be haha it’s the best way!

  • Love this post, its so useful for travelling!

    Darriyan♡ |

  • clare⭐

    This is such a useful post, I haven’t flown anywhere in such a long time!

  • Jessica Riley

    I’ve found organising everything before hand with liquids the best. Also if you take medications, take your prescription with you in case they ask questions! And always smile and say thank you. It helps haha

    The Crown Wings

  • In the US you always have to take off your shoes, whatever kind you are wearing, so I always wear slip-ons such as Vans. Also, don’t wear a belt, you’ll have to take it off.


    • That’s true you do! I always wore slip on flats when I was in the US too.

  • People being bad at security is such a pet peeve!! I think just take all your bits out of your bag before the join the queue, and by that point you don’t need your passport/ticket so stow that somewhere so you’re not worrying about it!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Me too! It’s so annoying haha, maybe I should have more patience for new flyers but it seems like everyone faffs around!

  • Haha! Love this post! We travel quite a lot back and forth to Spain and with Marks job being in Aviation and me ex crew, it is so frustrating at airports! I’m always whipping my belt off in the queue and have my little plastic bag at the ready (which usually only contains handcream and lipbalm – you don’t need anything else really lol) I really don’t understand why people make such a performance at security, I mean they do have an idea about what’s gonna happen lol! The other day we actually saw three women trying to take their suitcases thru – they hadn’t even checked in lol…. Travelling public hey, gotta love ’em! ; )

    Heather xx

    • I know, right!? Usually i understand it could be their first time but there’s no way that many people that kick up a fuss are first time fliers!