The Start of the End: a crazy summer, final year and future plans

Summer travels, final year & future paths to take

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Hey everyone! This is my first blog post in a while (apart from yesterday’s guest post from Em!) because I’ve been really busy the end two weeks of August and the beginning of September. This is just to kind of fill you in on what I’ve been up to and tell you where my head is at now that I’m starting my final year of University in less than two weeks!

Fashion blogger summer English Fashion Blogger 4th and Reckless img_5866 img_5889To recap! I had one of my oldest and closest friends weddings for which I was a bridesmaid. My family and I travelled to Greece for an awesome week long vacation. It included parasailing, exploring Santorini on ATV’s and even drinking with a Game of Thrones actor. You’ll have to subscribe to my Youtube channel to see that! I had around five days at home to edit and upload my Greece Vlogs before I flew to London. The next day I was off to Ibiza with my two friends Becca and John for a week. Ibiza was one of the most expensive places I’ve ever been out in. I much prefer Vegas but will be posting on Ibiza soon to give you more info on that. I still had an unforgettable time and I’m super glad I can tick Ibiza off my bucket list.

Having nothing on but the approaching start of Fresher’s Week on 18th Sept. I feel like my wild summer has come to a close and I’m ready to move back to London for my final year. I’m really not too sure what I’m doing once I graduate. I am looking at taking a test so I can apply to grad school in the USA. I’m looking at potential career paths and master’s courses in the UK. I may move to somewhere like Paris or Australia to work and experience a new place again. In short, I have an overwhelming amount of options for after my final year and I’m not too sure which one to pick.

I suppose I should not be complaining that I have so many potential paths to follow! It’s exciting and daunting to not know where you’ll be this time next year. Whereas last year I knew I would be sat where I am getting ready for my final year at Royal Holloway in London. There’s nothing really tying me down to a place or path after this year is over which is crazy to me.

Being back home is really grounding. It’s so quiet and peaceful. I can get my work done and reflect on this crazy summer – crazy year to be honest! I had to pick up this top from H&M when I saw it in Manchester because it really summed up how I’ve been feeling about my life. It reads ‘Young, Wild & Free’ which I don’t feel could be more apt for this year. I teamed it with some really casual jeans for a stroll around the cobble paths near my home and my Kristin boots from 4th & Reckless (less casual!) My hat I picked up from Primark & my poncho was from a sale in Topshop. The stunning backdrop is courtesy of the English countryside in the summer – there’s nothing quite like it.

How are you guys feeling now that summer has come to a close? Did you get up to anything interesting? Are you in the same place as me thinking about what to do after your final year? Let me know!


  • Loving this look, especially the hat! Good luck on your first week back at uni!

    Anika |

  • I remember very well being in a similar situation many years ago… After my BA, I immediately did my MA. My path has not always been straight or smooth but looking back now, it all went the way it had to. Embrace the adventure that’s ahead of you!


    • SO glad to hear it’s a normal thought process! I think I’ll end up doing an MA but I’m not too sure if it’s because I need another year to figure things out..! x

  • good luck with your last year at uni. its my last year too but since i study law in germany i have about 10 months after which are dedicated to studying for all the exams i have to take and i already feel anxious.