A Valuable Survival Guide for Ibiza Virgins

How to survive in Europe's party capital

How to end up ‘not broke’ in Ibiza

If you’ve never been on a party holiday before then it’s difficult to know where to start when you finally do get around to one. It’s also really difficult to describe them without making them sound overwhelming, crazy, tacky or just plain seedy. I’ve done 3 party holidays: Ibiza, Las Vegas and Ayia Napa. I’ve loved them all, as I do with most of my travels. But with Ibiza being my most recent venture I figured I’d tell you how to survive whilst you are there.

Just to clarify: This is not a guide to the hottest venue’s in Ibiza. This is a guide that is gonna get your ass from point A to point B without getting lost or exceptionally broke.

  1. Check Twitter
    Social media is an incredibly useful tool if you know how to use it. Mostly everyone knows how to use Twitter – if you don’t then why don’t you? Simply type ‘Ibiza’ into the search bar and you’ll find a lot of accounts dedicated to telling you who is playing and where on that night. I used Twitter to find out which clubs I wanted to go to several times. You can even get your tickets through an account such as @ThatIbizaGuy.
  2. Plan in advance
    Travel doesn’t have to be planned to the exact minute or even the exact day. But you will regret coming back from Ibiza knowing that you could have seen Craig David one night but you didn’t know about it. Again, social media is key to finding out who is playing where and when. Club entry can be expensive if you’re on a budget so know who is playing and choose your fav’s.
  3. Save, save, save
    Ibiza is the most expensive party town I have ever visited. It’s more expensive than Vegas and a heap more expensive than Ayia Napa. You’ll pay on average between €50-60 for club entry at the big names such as Pacha. Then you’ll be paying €15 for a vodka and lemonade when you’re inside. Save up & make sure you know what you’re willing to spend your cash on.Ibiza virgin beach
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  4.  Pre-game, hard.
    Buy a few bottles of booze at your local supermarket on your first day before you even consider going out clubbing. Bottles of rum, whiskey and vodka only cost around €20 for a huge bottle. Compare this to the €15 drink you’ll buy inside a club. Don’t get shit faced because you won’t be allowed into a club. But do get drunk otherwise you’ll be calling your mom for extra cash before you know it.
  5. Pack wisely
    I thought that Ibiza would involve a lot more dressing up nice than it did. Turns out I could have gone out in shorts, a T-shirt and my adidas Gazelle’s every night. I didn’t – I wore them with a dress instead. You don’t have to pack too fancy. Bring a few dresses, nice flats, maybe one pair of small heels just in case. But don’t overload on your best clothes. My adidas shoes are ruined now so I’m glad I didn’t wear my Kurt Geiger’s that night.

Have you ever been on a party holiday? What did you think of it? Would you ever give Ibiza a go?