How to Discover Your Audience and Target It

your-audienceKnowing your audience is key to blogging successfully. It’s key because only then can you create content that’s targeted towards the people who read your blog. These are the people most likely to save your posts on Bloglovin and therefore bring in more unique visitor’s with similar interests to your site. So how can you get to know your audience?

I can easily view my audience for most of my social media platforms, especially Youtube and WordPress. Through using a WordPress Add-On like Jet Pack you can see how many unique views your blog has had in a single day. You can cipher them to see which post has had the most attention. The dominant gender, age group and country viewing your site. But why is this important?

Know Your Audience

Knowing stats about your audience may seem boring but it can help you mould your posts into something more interesting to your pre-existing readers. Say, for example, my audience is age 21-25 on average. They are from the UK. That they are female and that my beauty posts are the most popular. It says that I should maybe not be posting too much on a restaurant then I went to in the USA because the material doesn’t relate to the audience. From my stats I can see that today I had the most views on a beauty posts that focused on French Canadian products (here). I can also see that the biggest referral to my site was my Twitter account. This also shows why you should know your audience on twitter too. Once you’ve found your stats its easier to create content more suited to them.

Tailor Your Content

If you’re running your blog with the mindset of making it a business. Perhaps it is a business already. Then you should be tailoring your content to people who have already found your blog. This will keep them more interested and more likely to share posts because they keep on coming back. If I hit my blog up with a post that I don’t usually and its not very popular then I leave that field alone. For example, I love food but my food posts really aren’t popular so I’m fine in leaving that on Instagram. When you tailor your content enough then you’ll have repeat readers who recommend your blog to a friend. Once your audience has grown you can experiment with different fields and since you already have a loyal readership it’s unlikely that they will unfollow if they see something unexpected.

Connecting With Your Audience

As explained before my audience is mainly female, young adult, and from the UK and USA. My beauty and fashion posts are the most popular. In order to expand my audience I look towards social media for help. Twitter chats have definitely become my go-to for interacting with new bloggers. You can get to know them better on Twitter because you can have a full blown conversation and keep up to date with each other in little snippets. Whereas its unlikely that you’ll have a conversation in the comment section of your blog.


I hope that this little intro helps some of you! I only just started really focusing on my SEO these past few months but it has made a world of difference in my engagement. Leave a comment down below on how you connect to and expand your audience!

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  • This was a great post, Abigail! I love your advice. I think it’s so important to tailor your content. It’s definitely made me think what I keep on my blog and what I stick to on my social media channels instead xx

    Lauren |

  • I really need to pay more attention to my Google Analytics to check on this information!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • It’s actually really interesting when you take a look at it! Or maybe I’m just super boring haha

  • Great post! Great tips. I need to interact with my followers more!

    Love your signature too.


    • I love interacting as much as I can its great! thanks for reading <3