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How to Improve Your Blog (If You Need To!)

So this post is probably not going to be useful to a lot of you because you will have a far more successful blog than mine! However, I decided to make a blog advice video as I have a few close friends who have been asking me a lot of questions about blogging full time, transitioning from Blogger to WordPress and how to get people paying you to blog. So I figured because I could answer those questions for them I would make a video on blogging because I may be able to help others too!

I’ve been blogging for about three or four years now (I have honestly lost count). Whilst at first it started out as a really fun hobby to discuss my interests on a really non-committal basis. It is still the fun habit it used to be but now I run my blog a lot better. I post consistently, I try to promote my posts, I try to do my best with my layout. When I managed to eventually put all of these things together after about two or three years my blog was visited more frequently and I got more comments. However, a lot of the time it felt like the secrets to blogging were being kept from me. I didn’t mind so much about followers – why wasn’t I happy with it? I eventually figured out what drew me to other blogs and implemented that to my own blog.

I know blogging is oversaturated. It seems as though everyone has one and it is very difficult to stand. So many blogs are of such a high calibre and have been doing this for years. But don’t be discouraged! Despite that catty Vogue article calling Blogger’s out we are actually a very powerful force. This is why Vogue feels so threatened by us. There is always space for more on the internet which is both its great advantage and its downfall. I hope that if you’re looking to start a blog that you do and that you love it as much as I do. If you’ve been sat wondering why you can’t figure out what platform you want to move to, how you want your layout to look or simply how to garner your blog more attention then simply watch the video!

As always, please let me know what you think! I would love to hear of anymore video suggestions you have for me. I really enjoy doing them and incorporating them weekly into my blog.
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