Amazing Saviours for Refreshed and Hydrated Winter Skin

winter-skincareAs Ned Stark once said before his head was chopped off ‘Winter is Coming’. This means one big thing for beauty bloggers; a change in skincare regime. It’s time to start stocking up on items that are going to keep us hydrated and looking lively.

Hydrating your skin


Winter Skin


My skin is a combination type and when it gets to winter the cold seems to only exaggerate the dry parts which throws everything off balance. I tend to get oily mostly around my T-Zone but dry on my chin and cheeks. My skin also tends to suffer on my hands too especially when I’m skiing etc. So, what’s the solution?

Two of my fav items for Winter are Carmex Lip Balm and Palmer’s body lotion. They are both super hydrating and affordable. The Carmex lip balm is such a staple I don’t know many people who haven’t tried it because it can salvage any dry lip. The Palmer’s body lotion smells amazing and is a saviour for dry hands, knees and other extremeties. It’s basically just a great product all round. I think a good exfoliator for winter is essential because of dry skin but it can be difficult to find something that isn’t too harsh. I really want to try the Kaeso Hydrating Exfoliator just because it sounds like a perfect solution to winter skin without stripping it down. I’ve heard amazing things about First Aid Beauty too and how gentle their products are so I’m hoping that I can pick some stuff up from them when I’m in the States!

One of my absolute favourite face masks ever is the Dr. Jart Water Replenishing which is perfect for all skin types. It does say for Dry types but I’m oily and can definitely notice the benefits of using this particular mask. It goes on like a sheet and has the gel formula slathered all over it. You can leave it to dry up on your face overnight or just use it as a quick 15-min fix. It works wonders for my skin and leaves it super soft and hydrated. I’m definitely going to be reaching for these sheet masks a lot in Winter! Another sheet mask if you’re concerned about dry, dull winter skin is the Collagen Pro Infused mask (covers anti-ageing concerns too!) With Vitamin C it will help give your skin that vibrancy that winter can often strip away from us.


Let me know what your skincare saviours are for Winter down below!