A Taste of Greece in the Middle of London

Gorgeous Greek Food in the Heart of London

Ever since visiting Santorini just a few short months ago (although August feels like lightyears away) I’ve been loving Greek food. Souvlaki and Tzaztiki became a fast favourite when I was ordering in Santorini so it was such a treat to visit The Hungry Donkey located in Spitalfields.

The Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek Food The Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek Food The Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek FoodThe Hungry Donkey CitizenM London Restaurant Review Greek Food

I took my friend Yasmin and her little sister Elise to the Hungry Donkey for lunch last Saturday. Yasmin absolutely adored the interior because the little restaurant has full glass windows it was perfect for photos and she’s quite the photographer. The restaurant had a few tables and most people were sat outside even though it was a little too chilly for me out there at this time of year. It wasn’t crowded as it is a bit off the main track in Spitalfields but just a five minute walk away from the main area which is really convenient if you want a quiet bite with friends.

Yasmin and I began by ordering a gorgeous wine. I was so surprised to see that it was actually rose gold in colour – the blogger’s dream! We ordered the Domaine Spiropoulos wine and the waitress explained that they leave the skins of the grapes on which gives the wine its distinct colour. Yasmin’s sister Elise ordered an iced tea which she really enjoyed too.

I was so excited to eat authentic Greek food again so I spent quite some time on the menu before deciding on the Vegetarian Souvlaki Pitta Wrap. Yasmin had a lamb version of my order and Elise ordered the Mushroom and Halloumi burger. Sometimes eating out for lunch or dinner can be difficult because I usually eat Vegetarian but there were several options I could have gone for. The Veggie Souvlaki pitta was so full of flavour. It had a lot of Veg inside and was coated in this really lovely sauce. The halloumi to top it all off was great too, I’m such a halloumi fan. Elise loved her burger and Yasmin really enjoyed her lamb pitta too.

My lunch came to just £15, including wine and service charge, which I was absolutely amazed by! It can sometimes be a little difficult to find cheap eats in London. Yasmin and Elise spent a little but more than me but theirs was still very student friendly too. I was really impressed with The Hungry Donkey. It was a great, quiet, restaurant not too far from Spitalfields with great ambience, staff and food. I’ll definitely be stopping by there if I’m in the area again. Yasmin won’t forgive me if I go without her so I’ll have to go with her!

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Let me know what restaurants you’ve been to in London recently! Does The Hungry Donkey sound like somewhere you would visit?

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  • Agness

    Fries mniam! I’ve been craving fries a lot these days!!

  • LOVE Greek food. It’s nice that there’s such a nice restaurant that offers casual food. I feel like it tends to be either VERY fancy Greek food or dive-bar-esque. It’s nice that there’s a good combo of the two!

    Also, that wine really is beautiful!


    • I totally agree, its nice to have a middle ground!

  • I love Greek food, it got a lot of healthy & delicious choices! This place looks really nice to be with friends & families <3

    Kaylee ?ㅣJK’s Dawn

  • Love souvlaki! This place looks great! x

  • I can understand why you plan on returning to this place out again sometime; the food looks delicious, the price is super reasonable and I love the colourful, fresh decor!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Ooh, I really need to try this place when I go to London again! I miss Greece and Greek food too, I can remember the amazing seafood and simple but fresh Greek salads

    Characters & Carry-ons

  • laura anne

    £15 for wine, food and service charge? that’s amazing. This place sounds really good xx

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  • Ah this sounds amazing and so reasonable too! I’m a veggie so it’s always nice to know of somewhere that has a few options for veggies rather than just the standard burger!

    The Makeup Directory

    • me too! do you have a fav veggie/vegan restaurant in London? xx

      • Tibits off Regent Street is amazing, it’s a veggie buffet and so delicious!! xx

  • VR 98

    This looks so good! I just found your blog and I really love it!

    xx http://www.themadameblue.blogspot.com

  • Yuuum!! All the food looks and sounds so good! Also the interiors are absolutely adorable. I love how light and bright it all is. Glad you guys had a wonderful and affordable meal 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  • The greek food looks yummm


  • i never had any greek food, actually, but this place looks amazing and the food looks so good.


    • Greek food is honestly amazing! Can’t recommend it enough!

  • It looks like a good place to get some tasty veg-friendly food. It is very difficult to find vegetarian options abroad. I’ll have to make a mental note of this place. Great post! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    • I totally agree, although I feel London is pretty good for vegan and veggie food.

  • Tiffany Griffin

    Ok I’m suddenly very hungry after reading this post! Yum!

    • haha, i always feel that way after reading food posts!

  • This sounds amazing and I love a bit of halloumi! I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m in the area.



  • Authentic Greek food is so delicious 😀 I love their salads and wraps. This place looks absolutely adorable and the food delicious. Glad you found it and enjoyed.

  • This really does remind me of food in Greece, feeling so nostalgic now. Must go back, what a great find. Good work Abigail! Thanks for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Ugh, me too! Totally reminded me of the food in Santorini.

  • Rasa Virviciute

    The place looks lovely, I just love Greek food, I loved going to Tavernas in Greece, the portions were enormous! x


  • Abi

    I absolutely LOVE greek food, this looks like such a cute place x


  • Carina Vardie

    I love Greek food so much, would have loved to know about this place when I visited London last month. Will remember it for next time.


  • Oh my gosh it looks amazing! I miss London so much, and knowing that there are so many places I wasn’t able to visit (like this one) makes me want to go back so badly.

    I just discovered your blog by the way and I ADORE it! Can’t wait for more posts!

    xx Carina

    • Thank you SO much Carina, it means a lot to me! xx

  • I do like Greek food, this place looks great – need to try!


  • Wow, the restaurant look so cute!!


  • Sauniya

    The food looks yummy. I have actually never experiences Greek cuisine before. Next time I am in London, I’ll be sure to check this place out. I like the atmosphere from the pictures. It looks li you had a great time.
    Thank you for sharing Abigail. 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  • Looks like a great place, will need to remember this!

  • Wow I really enjoyed this place!
    Nazlıgül | New Travel Post – Finding You Deep Inside