My 2017 Christmas Jewellery Wishlist!

Gorgeous Jewellery Piece for Christmas Time!

Hey guys! It’s that time of year again where Christmas posts are well under way! Personally I’m a huge fan of Christmas but I know some people don’t want to hear anything about it until December is well and truly upon us. But, I like to be ahead of the curve, here’s some jewellery piece I’ve been coveting for Christmas. Maybe one of them would make a great gift for someone you know? Or, for your fav blogger? Hehehe.

F Hinds Beautiful Rings for Christmas

 1. Gold Infinity Ring £70,  2. Pearl & Diamond Ring £29.95, 3. Blue Topaz Ring £55, 4. Diamond Double Loop Ring £65, 5. Diamond Double Band £90


My parents have bought me a couple of rings over the years for my 18th Birthday and various Christmases and before my 18th I never really thought I would wear any until I got engaged but they are my favourite item of jewellery to wear. My favourite from F Hinds has got to be the ring with the pearl in the centre and it’s just so damn affordable at £30! If it isn’t on my Christmas list it will be because I’ve already bought it for myself!

Christmas Jewellery Wishlist bracelets

  1. Snowflake Bangle £65, 2. Rose Bow Bracelet £195, 3. Open Silver Bangle £80, 4. Heart & Chain £80, 5. Return to Tiffany £135 


Usually I don’t wear a huge amount of bracelets but when I do I like them to be quite simple and almost always silver. I have a couple from Tiffany that I adore and I want to get one that matches my heart necklace. I think this double chain one is super cute. Pandora have also been putting out some really amazing pieces lately that are more affordable than Tiffany so I won’t be discounting them on my wishlist!


1. Fossil Grey Watch £106, 2. White SWCO Watch £125, 3. Cluse Grey Watch £75, 4. Cluse Marble Watch £139, 5. Vivienne WestWood Pink Leather Watch £199.


So after my dad lost my precious Rolex I’ve been watch-less for years. I refused to buy a watch just in case it managed to turn up somewhere. However, it’s been a couple of years now and we haven’t found it in the house. So, I’m after a cheaper replacement. I think the pink toned watch from Vivienne Westwood is going to be the one. I love the touch of gold and the face of the watch, for £200, I don’t think it’s unreasonable either!

*This post is in collab with F Hinds

Do you guys often receive or buy jewellery for others at Christmas time? Which are your favourite ones from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

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