NastyGal & Polo Matches

Parties in NastyGal makes a great Saturday

Hey Everyone, I have another outfit post for you today. I cracked out this NastyGal dress that I actually haven’t ever worn before. I wore it to a Polo Match and party with my University a couple of weekends ago and got a few compliments on it so I thought I’d share it here… img_6163 img_6171 img_6174

So… I really need to stop talking when photos are being taken of me!img_6175 img_6180 img_6193 img_6195 img_6206 img_6213 img_6219 img_6220 img_6232 img_6239img_6269 img_6325

My friend Yasmin and I have taken to combining photo missions for our blogs with expeditions around London. I lived in London for two years before my stint in L.A and I rarely got to know anywhere outside of SoHo. I feel like our blog missions have definitely taken me out into unknown territory which I really love – my favourite being Shoreditch and Spitalfields.

We went for lunch at Barbour and Parlour which is like this really weird hybrid of a store. It has a restaurant with great salads and burgers and a male groomers – on the same floor. They also have a cinema downstairs too. I had the Halloumi Burger and Yasmin had a great salad with squash and pomegranate. The food, with wine and a shared hummus dish, was £20 each inc. service which was pretty good! Also the waiter’s were really fucking cute.

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Okay, onto the dress! I bought this ages ago from NastyGal because I adore the deep red colour and the combination of satin and lace is just so pretty. I also really adore the straps on the back and how they cross over. You definitely need some kind of nipple covers to wear this as the flower detail isn’t enough to cover them but most women have those lying around. I paired these with some cute metallic shoes from River Island but I wouldn’t recommend buying them. They absolutely murdered my feet at the party and I wasn’t even dancing for that long. Such a shame because I even added gel cushions to make them softer!

River Island Metallic Heels (V uncomfy – wouldn’t recommend) £40

Similar Dress £15

Similar Dress #2 £70

What do you guys think of the dress? Do you have any old gems in your closet that you need to take out again?

 photo download.jpeg