Recent Reads – books to get into this Winter

Some reads you need to get your hands on!

HeyHey! For an English Literature student I really do not share what I read that much on my blog. So to mix things up a little I’m reviewing some books I’ve read recently! imgp1406 imgp1407

The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani – 5/5

I was honestly blown away by the beautiful way this book was written. I picked it up on a very spur of the moment buy and I know I’ll remember this story for such a long time. It follows the lives of Ciro and Enza who are two Italian children when they first meet. They both move to New York for their own reasons and their paths end up crossing at different points in their lives. The story is great, heart-breaking and touching all at once. The way it is written is pure beautiful poetry. I read it wishing I could meet someone who felt the way Ciro does about love – in my dreams, maybe!

Buy it here for £7.99

Me Before You by JoJo Moyes – 5/5

I don’t know many people who haven’t read this yet. It really is a great love story but it’s also absolutely shattering too. I wouldn’t recommend reading this in public. My mom read it sunbathing on a beach and ended up crying to no end! It’s a little depressing, but also uplifting at the same time. You’ll understand once you get through it! It follows a girl who gets a job as a carer for a quadriplegic. They both end up falling for each other and they attempt to make the most out of his limited life. There is a sequel called ‘After You’ which I’ve been meaning to read but my mom said it was pretty disappointing.

Buy it here for £4.21


Take a look at my previous reads!

The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot – 3/5

This is one of those English Literature canon classics that I had to read for class. I thought it was pretty slow going but after re-reading the ending a few times for an essay I can see how clever it is. I think the value in books like these lie in the fact that women like Eliot broke so many boundaries by being published and creating a new world. It follows the life of Maggie Tulliver who navigates her childhood with her snobbish brother Tom. She gets caught between two men who have professed their love for her, one of whom is supposed to marry her cousin. It’s a tale of growing into womanhood, failing at times, and the struggles of propriety. If you like Austen, you’ll like this. Plus look how cheap it is to buy!

But it here for £2.49

1984 by George Orwell – 4/5

Again, another classic! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to sink my teeth into 1984 but here we are! This is a book that really is gripping from the famous first line. It’s a dystopian novel featuring an oppressive government and its rebellion group. Like Hunger Games but the original, non-teenagery version. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that this is where the TV show Big Brother gets its title from. It follows Winston who lives in an oppressive society ran by ‘Big Brother’. An organisation that censors and watches in on everyone. It’s one of those books you have to read before you die!

Buy it here for £7.75

Have you read anything that you can recommend to me? I want to read something easy but not in the Teen section of the library – so no Rainbow Rowell until my brain is completely fried from work!

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  • Yiotou_La

    The shoemaker’s wife sounds an amazing read, I like a good love story and this would be perfect to read on my xmas holidays! x


  • I’ve always wanted to read ‘Me Before You’, it sounds amazing and I’ve recently finished ‘All The Bright Places’ (would highly recommend, I loved it!) .

    Gabija |

  • Ellese Launer

    These look great! Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  • These all sounds so good! Why have I not read any of these!!
    a life of a charlotte

  • Great books! I have read 1984 only, so ashamed right now haha, beautiful post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • i highly recommend The Shoemaker’s wife for a christmas holiday read! x

  • 1984 is literally one of my favourite books of all time!

  • Nothing better than a great book to get snuggled up to in the evenings. 1984 is such a great read! Thank you for your suggestions!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model |

  • I’m glad you’ve decided to do this because I’m always looking for a good book. I want to get Me Before You, but I hate to cry! LOL Now, especially since the holidays are coming up. HaHaHa Maybe right after.

  • I really want to read Me Before You, I have put off watching the film because I want to read the book first:D

    • it’s a really easy read, i’m sure you’ll propel through it! xx

  • Jo

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m always on the look for a good book. I haven’t seen Me Before You yet, but I heard it’s really good. Would love to read the book too!

    xo Jo

    • I havent seen the film either! The book was good though <3

  • Such great reviews of the books! I read Me Before You whilst on a holiday and it was super depressing and made me annoyed with the ending! But I totally get it and love the book now! x


    • I can totally get where you’re coming from! Wasnt expecting the ending to be so depressing xx

  • I absolutely loved Me Before You, I laughed and cried so much! I really want to read more classics and 1984 sounds really good! Loved this post 🙂 xxx

  • I’ve just finished reading Me Before You and I literally can’t get over it! I’ve added the other titles to my reading list too as I want to get cosy and read as much as I can while it’s cold x

  • Em B

    Me Before You sounds amazing, i’ve heard great things about it. i’ve never read any of these, but they all sound like good books!

  • Such great review, I love George Eliot and G. Orwell is not bad either… Have watched “me bfore you” too
    thank you for sharing.
    Instagram @grace_njio

  • The Sunday Mode

    I love reading posts like this! The Shoemaker’s Wife sounds brilliant and I’ve seen the film adaption of Me Before You but I haven’t read the book! I’m guessing the book version is better?