On-Trend Christmas Decoration Inspiration!

Christmas Decor Inspiration

Hello everybody! So some of you may be thinking it’s far too early to be looking at Christmas posts. However, it is less than seven weeks away which I’m sure will come around so fast – as it always does! I’m one of those people who absolutely adores Christmas but I wait til November to get excited about it. As soon as Halloween was done and dusted I was in the full festive mood.

Christmas Decoration Wishlist Cox and Cox and John Lewis

  1. Snowball Cluster Lights £30, 2. Wooden Tree Ladder £10, 3. PomPom Light Garland £30, 4. Star Candle Holder, 5. Copper Cookie Cutter Lights £21.

There’s nothing that gets me more in the mood for Christmas than being surrounded by festive gear in my own home. I used to love having a real Christmas Tree at home, the smell of the pine was so nice and that scent just makes me feel so cosy and amazing. For the past few years my family and I have gone away for Christmas so we put up our decorations earlier than usual because we don’t get to see them on Christmas Day.

I love anything remotely to do with reindeers or antlers and I think that that kind of decor is so in style now that it isn’t just for Christmas. I love the combination of the reindeer antlers from Cox & Cox with the snowball lights. It turns regular decor into something cute and festive!

Christmas Decoration Wishlist Cox and Cox and John Lewis

  1. Whitewashed Wooden Lit Star £60, 2. Winter Spice Candle £16, 3. Cathedral Room Deco £20, 4. Light Up Deer Head £60, 5. Pinecone Candle Holder £15, 6. LED Star Shilouette £12.50

I see a lot of these copper looking light up lights in the background of YouTuber’s videos. I adore how they look in videos and think the star versions are great for Christmas too. The really petite wire star with small lights is so cute! I think getting a few of those and hanging them at different lengths on one plain wall would look amazing. Again that’s something that you can have all year round. One of the biggest loves I think most bloggers have about Autumn and Winter is the winter themed candles. I shop a lot at John Lewis for candles because they have a great selection. I love this one because you can see what’s in the wax!

I’m really excited to get out my Christmas decorations and mix it up again this year. I think I’ll be going heavy on the reindeer details in combination with some cute fairy lights. I think the snowball lights can be used all year around. Along with a lot of the stuff you find in Christmas sections so it’s a win-win!

What kind of decor do you like for this time of year? Have any of these items caught your eye yet?

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