My First Colour Pop Haul with Swatches!

Hello everyone! If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel you would have already seen my thoughts on my first ever Colour Pop haul. But I think it’s always nice to get a bit wordy about haul and have graphics that you can cling onto. So here’s my in depth thoughts on Colour Pop!


First things first, I wanted to get two types of things from Colour Pop; Highlighter and Liquid Lipstick. I feel like these are the two items ColourPop are most famous for. They do blush, bronzer and eyeshadow too but I’ve definitely heard more hype about the liquid lips and highlighter. I decided to buy two sets of liquid lipsticks, It’s Vintage and Out and About. So I was getting more product for my money although Colour Pop is affordable enough as it is. I didn’t get Highlighter’s as part of a set as I only wanted two so I bought them separately.

Out and About is my favourite set from my haul at $15. The colours immediately drew me in as I’m really into deep pink shades and brown shades. I wore Viper in my YouTube video and it turned out much more plum than on the swatch. Time Square really reminds me of Pure Hollywood by ABH and that is one of my favourite lipsticks that I somehow managed to lose so I’m so glad I have a spare one. I am really excited to wear Baracuda as it reminds me of Posie K by Kylie Jenner Cosmetics! For $15 you really can’t go wrong with one of these liquid lip sets, you save $3 off buying them separately.

It’s Vintage $18 is a mini set of five liquid lips. Firstly, Colour Pop’s swatches are SO different from what the colours look like in real life. The website swatches are dark both on white, tan and black skin but in reality are much lighter. With that being said I still really like how the colours look in reality but if I didn’t I would be SO disappointed. I do really love these colours though and I know I’ll get my use out of them. The set is a mini set so isn’t as big as the previous one but you get to try out 5 shades. This way I’ll probably use up a full liquid lipstick for once!

When I opened the package from Colour Pop I did notice that Flexitarian was slightly damaged, however, I got a refund after emailing them. So it all turned out OK in the end. I bought Flexitarian ($8) as I am always so pale at this time of year so it is the perfect light shade to match my skin tone. Might Be ($8) really reminds me of Champagne Pop and I cannot wait to wear this outside when I have a tan but I can’t right now as the contrast between this shade and my skin tone would be so obvious. I like the highlighter’s because they are very well pigmented, super soft to touch and look good on. My only issue is that the sparkle is less fine than other highlighter’s I use but it’s still gorgeous.

Finally, I just wanted to say that, yes, I did receive a customs charge after my purchase. It was £6 plus the disgusting £8 handling fee Royal Mail charges on top of all customs charge parcels. I absolutely hate that about Royal Mail because their customer service is definitely not worth the £8. I will say that the products from Colour Pop are so affordable to begin with that a £14 extra payment doesn’t put me off ordering entirely. But I won’t be ordering from them anytime soon. I think Colour Pop needs to follow Nasty Gal’s example and give you the customs charge before checkout.

Have you guys every bought from ColourPop? If so, what did you buy? Is there anything from the haul you like? Comment challenge: Which is your fav liquid lip shade?

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