Home Furnishing Wishlist: Minimalist Style

Hold onto your hats homeware lovers because I have a treat for you. A minimalist, Scandi style treat from Viaduct e15 range that makes IKEA tables seem like a joke and let’s not even get started on the beds.


This post is in collab with Viaduct*

I was always the child who never wanted to leave IKEA and as soon as the word “decorating” was mentioned in the house I was all over it like a rash. So much so that I sometimes wish I had gone down the interior design road rather than the English literature one. But there’s no point crying over spilt milk now. I’ve always been attracted to simple homeware pieces because they never go out of style. The pieces from Viaduct e15 range are all absolutely timeless and I’ve picked out my fav’s to share with you today!

First off, I just have to draw your attention Viaduct e15 bed in the first collage. The one that seems to be floating in mid air. How bloody amazing is that? Can you imagine waking up next to your significant other, or in my case a cat, ever day on that thing? I would love it. I love that it’s so close to the ground and that the table to accompany it isn’t really a table at all but more like a tray. The wooden trim is just gorgeous too. It’s definitely a bed I would move with me wherever I went because it would never go out of style and its so unique.

My second fav piece is the purple floor light (final collage). I love the mix between light and art it’s definitely eye catching and also a useful little light! I don’t know about you guys but I also have a heinous amount of books in my room. Well over 300 in fact. So storage for those has to be savvy. I love the huge shelf that takes up a whole wall, you can of course mix it up a bit by adding plants/tid-bits. The magazine stand is so pretty too and such a great way of displaying the more aesthetic looking bits of literature you have.

The combination of wood and metal in the Viaduct e15 pieces are so pretty. I find metal really cold in a house so I like that the pieces offset it by warm coloured wood which makes the display so much cosier! Let me know which interior designs are always catching your eye! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to interior design that you can check out, here! Leave links down below if you have one too!

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