DIY Wrap & Posting Presents

Cute Decor Ideas & Secure Posting

My first Christmas post! Wahoo! I am so excited for Christmas it is absolutely my most favourite time of year. However, I am terrible at wrapping presents and now that I have so many friends living abroad I want to make sure they get their gifts securely…

1.) DIY Gift Wrapping – I find DIY wrapping so cute as it adds such a personal touch to any gift and its much more fun to create than just buying wrapping paper from your local store.

DIY christmas gift wrap

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Washi Tape – You can get this tape from places such as Poundland or Hobbycraft but it feels like masking tape but has really cute patters on it. I wrap my presents using plain brown paper which is super cheap and then using several different Washi tapes create cute patterns on the gifts. They really stand out!

Map Paper – Another unique idea for all your friends who love to travel is using an old map/ map paper to wrap up presents! It looks super eye catching and is perfect if you have a friend who is always on adventures.

christmas diy wrapping paper and secure postage TNT

Flowers – A cute idea I saw on Pinterest using twigs was wrapping some plain string around your parcel. Then working some twigs in between them for some decor. I thought this would be cute if you bought some flowers from Hobbycraft and used string to attach them!

So this section is for people who have friends and family abroad or at the other end of the country! I have a few very close friends that live in America and family in Canada. Sending presents over to them can be a pain with services like Royal Mail. I’ve had so many things from my Etsy get completely destroyed with Royal Mail and have even had some things go missing. So I would definitely recommending using an alternative service such as TNT who specialise in great courier service. You can book a door to door service which is fab if you don’t live near a Post Office. Sometimes it’s difficult driving out to deliver due to snow in the winter!

This post is in collab with TNT for Christmas!*

I’m curious how you guys decorate your presents for Christmas! Do you like to get creative and add your own personal touch too? Let me know down below!

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  • Ah what a lovely idea to create your very own personalised gift wrapping paper. Love the ideas you have here x

    Beauty with charm

  • Such cute ideas! I bought some cute Christmassy washi tape the other day and this gave me so much inspiration on how to use it!

    x Annabelle