Smile Makers Review & a Giveaway to Make You Smile

SmileMakers Toys for the Bedroom

I have a bit of an interesting post for you today guys as this is not an area I’ve actually explored on my blog before. Although it is an area I have experience with in real life…

“Who knows what he’s saying, but does it matter? This sexy linguist has got you locked in his gaze and soon you’ll be delightfully fluent in his native tongue.”

I remember the first time I ever “bought” a sex toy. I was gifted it actually from my ‘then’ boyfriend Sam who was doing a ski season in France. February 14th swung around and I got a parcel containing a vibrator. I was both mortified, curious and in stitches. It turns out that not having your boyfriend around for regular sex at eighteen years old can be very difficult without some extra help. My relationship with sex toys began then and it’s been a wild one. They add something different when single times are hard and add something interesting with a partner in bed. So, when SmileMakers asked if I would like to review the Frenchman– a vibrator designed to simulate oral sex I said yes.

The Frenchman* is the blue toy and the one I’ve been trialling. It’s so, so soft and the top of it is super flexible so when you use it it feels really, really gentle which is great if you’re a beginner to sex toys. It has four different speeds and one pulsation mode so it can suit a variety of different moods and intensities. It works brilliantly if you’re on your own as I feel like it would work really well with a partner if you were having sex from behind and have the dexterity to use it on yourself for stimulation. The toy is also completely waterproof so you can use it in the shower, you know, if you’re into that.

Smile Makers doesn’t use any harmful materials in the production of its toys so you don’t have to worry about that. The toys are also, kind of, chic? I’m not too sure about you but whenever I used to think of sex toys I used to think of bedazzled toys that look weird and complicated. Definitely not the sleek and smooth toys here!

So… Luckily for you guys I also received ‘The Fireman’ toy (RRP £34.95!) but instead of being super selfish and keeping it all to myself. I’ve decided to give it away. The Fireman is…

“He’s strong. He’s brave. And, oh my, he’s going to heat you up and leave you smoldering. Lie back and enjoy that lovely towering inferno.”

Sound like it would be something you or both you and your partner would enjoy? Enter down below and I will choose a winner in two weeks!

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