Happy New Year! Resolutions & Life Updates

Happy New Year everyone! I think everyone was pretty relieved to have 2016 out of the way and done with, right? I don’t buy into the “New Year, New Me” phrase because if you want to make changes to yourself then why wait until a certain date? However, I do believe in fresh canvases and 2017 is going to be a pretty picture.

Life Update

After a three week vacation in the USA where I re-visited L.A, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe I’m back in the UK! These next few days are going to be heavily focused on an essay I need to get done for Monday but I’ve pre-filmed four YouTube videos and have some blog posts on the way for you. So my bases are covered there.

My vacation in the USA was so much fun. But sadly there was one thing that put a little downer on it and it was not getting to see someone I was really hoping to. They’ve disappointed me a few times and I was hoping for a change in them but it’s now very obvious to me that change isn’t coming anytime soon. So I need to let go. As hard as its going to be I hope I can.

I’m currently at home in Manchester, a little jet-lagged but otherwise doing pretty well. There’s no food in the house because we’ve all been away so I’m also dying for something to eat which I’m going to do as soon as this gets posted. I already feel super busy after my three week break and I have so much to do for University in the next few months that I don’t know where to start and am feeling so overwhelmed. If I think about University too long I start to believe I’m going to fail my Final year. Not a good thought. I’m sure I’ll feel a little better once this essay is in but there’s no denying that I’m desperate to graduate.

Generally speaking I’m feeling pretty good and positive about life. 2016 was a bitch for all but I have learnt some valuable things from certain life events. I hope 2017 is good to us all. Here’s my goals…

My Resolutions for 2017

Train for a Marathon

I want to be able to complete a marathon at some point in my life so I decided to start this year. I want to work very hard at the gym in prep for a marathon. I’m not sure if I can do one this year but 2018 for sure.

Write More

This is on the list every year. But I’m doing it this year, I swear.

Eat More Vegan Food

I’m a Vegetarian but want to cut out a lot of the dairy in my life. I never drink milk but I gotta cut out the cheese and the butter.

Be More Patient With Myself

There’s so many things I want to do in life and I feel like I’m lagging behind everyone else. When I sit down and think about my achievements I realise I’m not lagging at all but I need to remember that in my quiet or more stressed out moments.

Move Somewhere New

I’m done with Manchester, London and L.A. I never thought I would be done with L.A but I just don’t feel like its feasible to move back anytime soon as there’s nothing and no-one there for me now. I think Paris may be next on my list, but who knows? After University I’ll choose.

Make Some Money and Save It

I’m awful at saving money and I know I need to save some. I aim to be more financially secure by this time next year!

Do some more Yoga & Meditation

I am constantly hearing the benefits of Yoga and Meditation but hardly ever do it.

Sleep Earlier

I am a really terrible sleeper. The smallest distractions keep me awake and there’s plenty of those at University. I want to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier and stop calling myself a ‘Night Owl’ and accepting that term.

Comment challenge: Let me know one of your New Year’s Resolutions!

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  • Love this post, it’s a shame about the person who let you down :/

    Also, I’m vegetarian as well and have recently decided to take that extra step and go vegan, purely because you feel so, so much better when you’re not eating dairy! I think it’s great that you’re giving that a go ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s so much easier than people think, and when you start feeling healthier, it becomes a preference and not just something that you force yourself to do.

    I really, really love your blog! I just started mine and so far I’m loving seeing what people are getting up to in there lives.

    Imogen // http://www.faux-silk.com

  • Always horrible when someone lets you down like that but I guess over the years you learn about your true friends.

    Lovely goals though and I really hope you achieve them, training for a marathon is amazing. I’m also vegetarian and want to cut down my dairy. I never used to each much cheese but in the last few months I’ve had so much, it needs to stop!

    They have pretty good vegetable spreads available in supermarkets which make a nice butter alternative ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Makeup Directory

  • Those are some lovely goals, and I’m jealous that you got to spend three weeks in the US! It must have been an amazing experience! Although, I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t see the one person you wanted to.

    Those are some good resolutions, as well. As a writer, I can definitely relate to wanting to write more. Maybe this year can be the year for us?

    Here’s to 2017!

    Alicia x