Home & Office Furnishing Wishlist

I’ve always had a thing for interior design. I love visits to IKEA and nothing pleases me more than a well organised space. Here’s a look into the interior design of my brain…

Vitra Pieces That I Need in my Life

Can you believe that the gorgeous red heart is a chair!? Because I can’t. It really reminds me of the YSL Heart shaped jacket that hit the runway last season. I can just imagine sitting in it makes you feel like an absolute boss which is all anyone could ever ask for. If I walked into a job interview and my interviewer was sat in that chair I’d high five them. It comes in other colours, but why would anyone want it in any other colour other than red? I love the small trio of square tables too. They would look great stacked with some cute books either in a lounge or office!

 Elephants are my fav animals. Aside from Lions/Tigers. It’s hard for me to choose, okay? Any home furnishing with cute animals has my name all over it, especially when the pieces are minimalist and non-garish in colour. I love the elephant mouse pad for an office space (it’s only £18 too). Also, the irony of having an elephant mouse pad is not lost on me. I hope it isn’t lost on you either. I think it’s quite difficult to get pink furniture right without looking tacky. But Vitra have certainly nailed the pink hue on the mesh chairs if you’re looking to add a girly touch to your office space.

This post is in collab with Vitra*

I’ve been thinking about re-decorating or I should just say ‘decorating’ a lot recently. With the end of my final year at University coming up and my future in the hands of absolutely nothing and no-one I don’t know where I’m going to be living soon. Which is both scary and liberating. All I know is, wherever I move to it’s going to look pretty sick.

Comment Challenge: What’s your favourite Vitra piece? Let me know down below!

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