Sunday Wrap-Up #1

Hey everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been super busy including this Sunday which I spent in London with my friend Yasmin (Vlog coming soon)…



When it’s cheat day and you’re not counting your macros ???

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Stuff @derekrgb is good at 1) women’s watches 2) cookies 3) bein annoying. New post on le blog?

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#WomensMarch ? It’s so amazing to see so many women, men and children taking to the streets in the name of gender equality. In case you’re questioning and criticising the purpose of the worldwide women’s marches today please do your research. It’s within OUR right to protest about whatever we want even if you disagree with the issue. Know that there are so many injustices in the world due to gender discrimination, it doesn’t take much of a Google search to educate yourself (notice I say ‘gender’ because there are still injustices that happen to men based on their gender too). Moreover, this isn’t an Anti-Trump movement. Although the timing of the march was perfect for airing grievances about the newly elected President. Peace out people and remember “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”✌? #WomensMarchLondon

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New shoes from @missguided ??

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– I’ve been doing pretty well with my fitness goals so far in January which is great. I’ve allowed myself one day a week where I don’t count my macros or calories and that day is Friday! So on Friday I had a huge Domino’s order for dinner that I know will keep me going until the following Friday. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all of that by myself!

– I posted on some new accessories this past week. The Vivienne Westwood watch is just so beautiful I’m in love with it!
– I have been feeling so inspired by the worldwide support for the Women’s March. It makes me feel like there are still people of worth out there even if certain ones aren’t showing it themselves.

– So, I’ve been earning more money than usual recently which means I’ve been spending more obviously! I really needed some new shoes for walking around campus so I got these cute sneakers from Missguided that I’ve been wearing. They are super comfy and were only £20 from ASOS.

– If you follow me on Instagram (@abigailalicex) you may have noticed an increase in my Smoothie Bowl posts. I’ve been really enjoying creating these as a post-gym snack using my Nutribuddy ingredients. You can take a look at my post on NutriBuddy here.

Let me know what you guys got up to this week! Thanks for reading, commenting and following if you do!
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