Valentines Wishlist & Sending Gifts Safely

As a single lady I must say this Holiday is not my favourite. However, I’ve been single on Valentines for like three separate years now which says a lot about the men I usually date and how short my relationships last. But there’s nothing like a little Valentine’s Day shopping to cosy on up to…

I’m actually so crazy about both of these pairs of heels. The pink fluffy ones are from MissPap and they’re only ยฃ14! Which is legit such a bargain for such cute shoes. I have some flats that are in the exact same style but I definitely need a high heeled pair. The Pink Velvet ones are ยฃ18 and are also from MissPap – their shoe sale is just to die for! As you can probably tell my aesthetic on my blog and life in general is very pale pink. I’m such a sucker for it!

If you’re loving the choker trend and want something a bit more risque~ for Valentines Day then I’m loving the Babygirl choker. It’s ยฃ6 from Forever21 and velvet – ooh. This gorgeous dress is another MissPap bargain at only ยฃ5! It would work so well on a Valentines date. Whenever I wasn’t single on Valentines day my partner and I used to always send each other gifts to surprise each other. It can get pretty expensive but I’ve found that using your own courier service works. Royal Mail is far too expensive and far too often things end up damaged or late. This post is in collab with My Parcel Delivery who can pick up your parcel for posting within 60mins ~ impressivo.

I know a lot of people are divided on jumpsuits. Some people wouldn’t ever wear them and some find them either too casual or too work related. However, I personally love them and I think if you accessorise them right they would look amazing on a date. This one is from MissyEmpire, the dust rose colour is stunning. If you’re single like me and want some pieces that tell the creeps to back off. I highly suggest these two shirts. The first one with the gracious middle finger says ‘Not Your Babe’ which I adore, the other simply says ‘Hands Off‘. Perfect for those people who cringe at Valentine’s. I bought the ‘If You Love Me Get Me Coffee’ long pyjama dress the other day and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

If you’re looking to send some gifts abroad and want a courier recommendation then i’d check out My Parcel Delivery who offer same day delivery. Perfect if you’re a forgetful person or just like to spend some time deliberating on your gifts before you send them! Moreover, it’s less likely your parcel will get damaged as no one but you and the courier touches it. Parcel anxiety over. plus, no one wants smashed macaroons for V-Day or smashed flowers. Nothing says ‘I am indifferent to you’ than smashed shit.

Do you like anything from my wishlist? What are you getting for your significant other? I would love to know in the comments down below!

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