Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review Beauty Blogger Make-Up

The Only ABH Modern Renaissance Review You Need to Read


How many times have you seen this reviewed on a blog? Twenty, thirty? I’m honestly so curious how many times you’ve seen the iconic Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. But I’m going to be thorough as fuck here so you know once and for all what’s good, what’s ok and what’s terrible about it…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review Beauty Blogger Make-Up Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Review Beauty Blogger Make-Up

I picked this up when I was in San Fransisco and it was an affordable $42. Whereas it’s £41 on both Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty which saved me about £8 in total. plus, I didn’t have to pay for shipping because I bought it in store at Sephora! So I was pretty happy with the price of the palette as it definitely falls in the range I’m willing to pay for a high end palette.

The packaging of the palette is very pretty. The colour of it is a dull lilac/taupe colour and inside the palette you’ll see it matches the shade Buon Fresco. This shade acts as a really great transition shade for most looks. The packaging feels very soft and a little fluffy, kind of like a pillow or cushion. So it’s different from ABH other palettes such as the Self-Made palette that are very hard. The palette has a long mirror in it so it’s great for travelling as there’s nothing worse than finding yourself without one. It also comes with a double ended rush which performs pretty well with the shadows too.

Onto the colours, well as you can see for yourself they’re stunning altogether. There’s two deep browns, one sand beige, two terracottas, one light beige, a golden brown, a plum pink, an orange, a deep plum pink, a taupe and two very shimmery colours in champagne gold and gold. The shades are actually quite brave which is something I didn’t think of when buying. I mean, when was the last time you went for a burnt orange lid? The same with the plum pink. When you look at the palette altogether it fits so well that it’s hard to separate the shades from each other. They are beautiful but be careful with your combinations as some really clash. Investing in a good blending brush, such as Morphe’s 330 and Morphe B80.

The pigmentation of the colours is fantastic and I think this is the quality that makes the palette worth purchasing. Swatching these are so easy as they are buttery and just pink up so well on both the brush and on your finger. However, they do have a lot of fall out. This is really annoying because the shades are so beautiful I never want to waste any of them but there really is a lot of pick up when you use the shadows. Moreover, they do look amazing on the lid. My personal favourites are the two glittery shades; Primavera and Vermeer. They are especially pigmented and special especially when you use them on the inner corner and underneath the arch of the eyebrow.

I would say this palette is a solid 4/5. It’s pigmentation and colour selection is great. It can be hard to find a colour combo that doesn’t look too vivid on my pale lid and the fall out isn’t fab but I would definitely re-purchase if I hit pan anytime soon and a similar palette isn’t out.

Comment challenge: What do you guys think of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette? Would you buy it? Have you tried it?


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  • Thank you for a straight forward honest review, I needed this haha!

    Beckie xo // The Pale Tails

  • Brandi Matthews

    Loving this palette! So dreamy! Happy Friday!!!
    Xx Brandi

  • Everyone loves this palette and it was on my wishlist for a long time. When I saw it finally in person, I wasn’t so impressed so I haven’t bought it. Now I don’t know if my decision was wrong or not.

    Michelle Morchella

    • I think if you weren’t impressed in person then I wouldn’t buy it.

  • I really want to try this palette. I have been looking at it on the Beauty Bay website for so long now and really questioning if I need it nor not… I think I do though!

    Danielle xx

  • Em B

    this palette sounds amazing and the shades are beautiful! x

  • The shades are so pretty, but I doubt I would use most of them. This is a pass for me, but I can definitely see the hype!!

    Sara |

  • clare⭐

    I really love the look of this palette but I’m not sure how many of the shades id be able to wear on a daily basis, kind of like you I’m pale and would worry they would look too bright!

    • I can definitely see where you’re coming from i thought so too! I actually looked on YT for some daytime looks with the more brown-orange shades and they do look quite good!

  • Izzy K

    I love the colour selection of this palette and the pigmentation looks great! Thanks for sharing xxx

  • Millie

    Totally agree – the amount of fall out from this palette really let it down imo!

    xo Millie

  • Amy

    I really want to get this palette, so thank you for this review! It’s really helpful ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • Spa Mm

    Thanks for reviewing this palette, so helpful in making my decision!

  • Sarah Lewis

    Thanks for the review I’m still on the fence about this palette