direct blinds made to measure curtains

Bedroom Decor Colour Inspiration


Hey everyone! I’ve really enjoyed creating these decor lifestyle posts lately so I thought I’d do one based on a few different colours that I would love to play around with in my own home…

direct blinds made to measure curtains

My mom and dad have these gorgeous suede curtains in their room and they’re the exact same colours as these more affordable fake suede alternatives here. So I was inspired by the beige suede curtains as they do really look amazing and are so thick that they block out any light. If you’re a light sleeper like me then you know how essential thick suede-y curtains are! I love the look of the pillows with the touches of berry purple. They would look so cute on a small white sofa.

direct blinds made to measure curtains

Ox-blood and purple-y tones always come around at fall time but I’m a fan of deep reds always! I think the colour of the oxblood curtains and this bedspread matches really well. Although I would say that a room with such deep colours would definitely have to have absolute white walls. Which my house does so that’s perfect! The tapestry here is so adorable! I love how it looks like a quartz crystal thats been cut. The colours are absolutely beautiful.

direct blinds made to measure curtains

Rose gold is such a huge colour for bloggers, but pairing it with furniture can be tricky. I think opting with browns and beige’s look great as they compliment the hue’s whilst the lighter beige really brings out the shimmer. The deep brown curtain colour would definitely add some warmth to my white room, it just looks so cosy. I ordered myself one of the ‘Love’ balloons from Ebay because they were only £1 (buy here). I would love to know how you guys incorporate rose gold into your decor. So pretty soon I’m going to be buying more rose gold additions for my room!

This post is totally making me want to decorate even more! I posted this wishlist a few weeks ago and I’m honestly just dying to re-do my room now. One more decor post and I’m going to have to start picking out some paint colours and getting my DIY on.

When was the last time you re-decorated? Which of these colours is tickling your fancy the most?


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  • I always wanted a bedroom in blush palette with rose gold elements. This is so cute! thanks for the Inspo 😉

    The White Ocean

  • Amazing inspo dear! Love your blog <3

  • Amy

    This is so inspiring! I love rose gold so much ♥

    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  • Aditi Oberoi Malhotra

    All are beautiful, but oxblood is my fav!! Thanks for sharing!
    Adi xx

  • Anything that is in the lines between pink and metallic is just gorgeous, I love this inspo!

    My Vogue Style |

  • I love rose gold, its such a pretty colour but as you said it is a little tricky when is comes to rose gold and furniture! Have a great weekend 🙂

    Trishna xx