bon marche valentines wishlist

Valentine’s Inspired Clothing Wishlist

Gorgeous Wishlist with Bon Marche

I’ve seen so many cute Instagram and Twitter posts today of so many cute date ideas, outfits and make-up looks. Valentine’s has got me feeling really inspired even if I’m only spending it with my family! In collab with Bon Marche I’ve picked out some gorgeous pieces of clothing and lingerie perfect for dates, weddings and more…bon marche valentines wishlist

I’m sorry to say that come Spring time I’m definitely a cliche for florals. I can hear Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada scolding me for that comment, but I honestly do love flowers all year round on clothes. This poppy dress is so pretty and the flowers on the black material gives it such a pop! I think it would look so pretty if you’re going to be a guest at a wedding sometime soon. I also saw this really cute black and red rose blouse in H&M the other day which is super affordable. So if you’re looking for something with roses but aren’t looking for a dress right now, check this out.

I also love this deep rose blouse. I adore this colour for lipsticks but actually don’t own a shirt in this colour. The ruffles are too cute! You definitely cannot go wrong with pink lace on Valentine’s Day either. I’ve been seeing a lot of stunning lingerie posts on Instagram that has definitely inspired me to step up my lingerie game!

bon marche valentines wishlist

I don’t really have a ‘sexy’ dressing gown. The only one I really use is a huge fluffy one from Primark, which is excellent at keeping me warm but lacks a certain sex appeal. I love this white and gray floral one it looks warm but definitely won’t mask your figure. I’m such a huge fan of pale pink and I’ve been seeing SO many wedding proposals and engagement announcements on my Twitter and Facebook. Ironically I was a bridesmaid last summer, not this summer so of course all the customizable stuff is appearing now. I saw this gorgeous pink bath robe on Etsy that you can customize, I’m sure you can just add your name to it if you aren’t attending a wedding soon!

Speaking of items for weddings I’m totally feeling this black one with pale pink and orange embellishments. It’s so pretty! If you follow me on Instagram (@abigailalicex) you’ll know that pale pink is definitely my kinda thing.bon marche valentines wishlist

*This post is in collab with Bon Marche

This red dress would be so cute for a romantic date. It’s definitely giving me Zooey Deschanel vibes when she played Summer in 500 days. These kind of day dresses were so adorable in that film even if her character was pretty cold. This red one is only £16 too so it’s super affordable.

As winter turns into Spring layering is definitely still key in my wardrobe, light jackets and sleeveless waterfall cardi’s are definitely the one for keeping warm. I love this one from Primark and for only £20 you can’t really argue with the price! This fitted lace jacket is so pretty for spring. I own quite a few blazer jackets like this and they make any outfit look great. I used to wear them a lot when I did MUN conferences for school so i have quite a few in my closet. The white lace would look very pretty over light blue jeans and a blouse on a date.

Has Valentine’s inspired you to switch up your wardrobe a little bit? Let me know what you’re loving down below!


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