An Update on New Years Resolutions


As we near the end of January I figured that an update on how I’m getting on with my New Years Resolutions was in order.

I think that creating a monthly update post on my goals will really help me stick to them. It’ll also give me that kick up the ass I need if I ever slack off one month. So, firstly, what the fuck were my goals again?

Train for a 2018 Marathon – I’ve been running a lot recently. I run 5-6k’s mostly which isn’t a huge distance but I am working on improving my stamina by doing short distances and doing HIIT classes. I got my time to 25min for a 5k which I don’t think is too terrible.

Write More – I’m so glad to say that I have indeed been creative writing a lot! I’ve written drafts of three or four poems. I’m not too sure if my poems are any good because I’ve never shared them with anyone but I’m hoping to create a small collection before I ask for feedback. I’ve also been working on my Los Angeles based novel. It’s hit 25,000 words which I think is pretty good. I hope to add about 5,000 words per week. But with Uni I’m not going to be too harsh if I slip up on that milestone.

Eat more Vegan Food – Everything I make myself I make it Vegan and it’s been tasting amazing. But I haven’t been completely Vegan since I got a Domino’s and McDonalds McFlurry the other day. It’s so hard when you’re out to stick with it.

Be More Patient With Myself – I definitely haven’t done well with this one. I think it’s because I only have three months left at Uni I’m pushing myself harder than ever.

Make Some Money & Save It – I’ve saved £140 this month which, considering I only work 5hours per week, is pretty good.

Do More Yoga & Meditation – I was so good at this at the start of the month but I’ve really fucked up these past two weeks. I’ll be booking some Yoga classes for next week.

Go to Sleep Earlier – This past week my sleeping schedule has been completely ruined by the boy that lives opposite me as he’s a gamer. He makes a lot of noise until the early hours of the morning which has really disrupted me. It’s 00:32 as I write this so obviously I won’t be waking up at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow. I have to be up 8am on Saturday for Cheer training so I hope that will straighten me out.

Learn French – I’ve been on DuoLingo every few days but I don’t feel like I’m making great progress. I’d really love to hire a French tutor. If you guys have any websites or video’s online to help me learn please let me know!

How are you guys getting along with your resolutions? Comment challenge: let me know your biggest goal for 2017!


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  • clare⭐

    I really need to start going to bed earlier too!

  • Sounds like you’re not doing too badly so far! Can’t wait to read some of your poetry xx

    Lucy x |

  • Ela

    Duolingo is a really great tool; however, it’s best to learn from a French tutor, I think! Hope you find out close to you!
    Ela |

    • Yes, I completely agree. I need to find one soon!

  • Wow you definitely have a lot of going on, very inspiring! I’ve been using Duolingo to learn French and Turkish and that’s been going great. Can’t wait to read your poems and your novel! xx

  • Emma Kate

    I love seeing how people are progressing with their goals, I find it so motivational. The fact that you’re writing a novel is so impressive! xx

  • Sounds like you’re mostly on track! So awesome you’re aiming for a marathon. I get barely run 5k, haha. I’ve tried language apps before but I find it hard to be motivated for them.

  • I hate it when people are really loud when you want a good night’s sleep! We got woken up at 3 in the morning a couple of nights ago by some guy in the street shouting, so annoying x


  • I’ve started yoga too! I am training to do race for life this year, I’m starting to think I won’t have enough time!

    Lauren x Huggled