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Silver and Diamonds – Jewellery Box Goodies

New additions to my own jewellery box!

Hello everyone! It’s been such a long time since I did a blog post that I honestly almost forgot how WordPress works. To fill you in– I handed in my dissertation yesterday. I have been working at it non-stop for months on end. Final year has been such fun but also so full of library sessions that my posting schedule took a  hit. But I’m back and I vow to bring you the best content humanly possible from here on out. I’ve missed blogging, so, fucking, much.

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So, I have some new gorgeous pieces of Jewellery from JewelleryBox that I’m really excited to share with you. People have such different tastes in jewellery, I’m definitely into very delicate silver pieces. I have a few gold pieces but silver is definitely my favourite. The Sterling Silver love necklace* is definitely my favourite piece. It’s super light and the chain length is perfect for me. It’s just visible with most outfits I wear. I really like the cursive and it actually looks a little bit like my handwriting. It’s only £6.95 so it’s an absolute steal considering it matches literally everything I wear.

I’ve never owned a pair of pull-through earrings* before but these ones are so pretty. I love the silver and pearl combination, they look so delicate but also a little different on because they are pull through rather than stud. Again, they aren’t heavy and you can barely feel them. Unless, of course, you start headbanging and the pearl’s start swinging. The silver double band ring *is so plain, simple and elegant. The stones are super petite but because they are in two bands they are definitely noticeable. This would definitely make such a good present or something like a promise ring!

Finally, we have the eye and hook bangle*! This reminds me of a couple of Tiffany bangles I have because the way it clasps and unclasps is so unique. I’ve had so many compliments on this bracelet and the girls in my seminars ask to try it on.

I was super happy with the products from JewelleryBox. They are really high quality pieces of jewellery (and I pride myself on knowing good jewellery, I spend too much money in Tiffany’s not to!). The price does not reflect the quality of the items, I would definitely pay more for these pieces. I’ve been wearing them everyday and they have not shown any signs of wear or damage. Although I would recommend taking everything off before bed and showers.

What do you guys think of these pieces? Let me know down below?


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