20 Things That Make Me Smile

It's National Smile Month

Hello, hello, hello… Today on le blog I’m talking about some new products from Janina Ultra White and how they’ve brightened my smile this month. I also thought it would be nice to start a dialogue about the little things in life that make you smile and I included some of mine down below!

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I was approached by Janina Ultra White to collaborate on a post with them for National Smile Month which runs from 18th May – 18th June. It’s a month to promote oral health and a cute smile. So if you’ve been avoiding booking that dentist appointment (like I have). Then now is a good time to be inspired to do it. I thought instead of your regular review post I would share a list of things that make me smile. I write this sat with a cup of hot coffee, so that’s one thing that makes me smile. Tell me, what kind of small things leave a smile on your face? What has made you happy in the past month or so? To be honest, the events in my hometown Manchester left me shocked and upset. But seeing everyone band together has warmed my heart immensely and definitely put a smile on my face. What or who has helped you this month?

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The lovely reps at Janina Ultra White send over some toothpaste and whitening strips for my teeth for me to improve my smile for National Smile Month. I’ve never used whitening strips before so it was a brand new experience for me. I really enjoyed using them sat with a face mask on watching 13 Reasons Why at night. You peel off two small gel strips and simply line them up on your teeth and wait for half an hour. I thought that there was a lot more to teeth whitening than that so I’m glad I found a great, easy to use product to begin with. The toothpaste from Janina was equally lovely. Of course I have used toothpaste before! It was incredibly strong in its minty-ness which I like because there’s nothing worse than the minty fresh not lasting as long as you want.

I began noticing some difference in how white my teeth were after a week which I think is pretty good! The ones that were pretty much white already were slightly brighter and my teeth that have slight coffee stains are now definitely white. I think that these are really easy and effective products to use if you’re new to teeth whitening so I’d recommend you check them out!

Let me know down below something that made you smile this week!


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