Frank Body Shimmer Scrub #thefrankeffect abigail alice x beauty blogger

The *New* Frank Body Shimmer Scrub Review

Sparkly and Shine with Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

This probably isn’t your first time hearing about Frank Body. Their coffee scrubs are famous globally and their Instagram is well… #Goals.

Frank Body Shimmer Scrub #thefrankeffect abigail alice x beauty blogger Frank Body Shimmer Scrub #thefrankeffect abigail alice x beauty bloggerFrank Body Shimmer Scrub #thefrankeffect abigail alice x beauty blogger Frank Body Shimmer Scrub #thefrankeffect abigail alice x beauty blogger

I’m doing to disclaim that this is going to be an entirely biased review. Entirely biased. Why? Not because I’ve been sent the products for free, no, I bought this with my own money. But because everything I have tried from Frank Body (and i’ve tried all their products at least once) has been absolutely amazing. I’m currently using all their products in a skincare regime that leaves my face feeling clean soft and hydrated. You can see my thoughts on their complete skincare bundle here.

The Shimmer Scrub sold out super fast, but I was on the ball on May 1st and managed to snag myself one for the reasonable price of ยฃ15.95 (click to shop).ย What I love about FrankBod is that their ingredients are all completely natural, so if you have sensitive skin or just don’t like using chemicals you’ll love Frank. Most of their products are coffee based but the new Shimmer Scrub is a little different in that it’s mainly sugar. But, of course, there is some ground up coffee beans in there. It contains shimmery little components in it that make you glow. In the packaging the product just looks like a shiny light brown sugar combo.

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So, I got all nice and wet in the shower, stepped out and took a small handful of the mixture. I scrubbed it all over my body and let it sit for five minutes so my body could absorb the ingredients like Grapeseed Oil and the Vitamin E. The smell of this is lovely and contains a hint of coffee, it’s gorgeous. After rinsing it off in the shower I noticed that my body was super hydrated (as is the case after using the Original Coffee Scrub) and I also had a bit of shimmer. It’s not as obvious as highlight on the cheeks but it gives your body a really healthy glow. Especially when it caches the light but, if I’m being honest, I hoped it would be more obvious. It’s very, very natural looking as though you’ve just moisturised your body.

Do you need to be in a rush to get your hands on the Shimmer Scrub? Nah. The Original Coffee Scrub is still my favourite. Should you try it when you can? Yes, it’s a lovely little treat and just look at that packaging.

Let me know if you’ve tried Frank Body products before! And your opinion on them. Are you interested in buying the Shimmer Scrub!


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