ColourPop x Alexis Ren Review and Giveaway!

The gorgeous ColourPop x Alexis Ren collection

Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t personally know me, you probably won’t know that I have the biggest crush on Alexis Ren. The Instagram model is absolutely jaw dropping and she has endorsements up to her eyes. I was so excited to hear that she was going to collaborate with ColourPop. Coincidentally ColourPop is one of my favourite online make-up brands. It’s known for its affordability and huge range of items. So, when the time came I sat at my desk very ready to order everything from the Alexis Ren x Colour Pop collection.

I’ve really enjoyed playing with the collection over the past few months. Although there was one huge negative I found with the bronzing and highlighting double. A couple of the items I’ve used from ColourPop have not lived up to expectations in quality and colour. For example, the bronzer’s formula in the video you can see is terrible and a couple of liquid lipsticks I’ve bought from them previously have been way, way off their swatching. But overall this collection has been a great find. I only chose the best items from the Alexis Ren collection to giveaway for you guys. I would never dish out products I wasn’t crazy about to you.

My favourites are discussed in my video down below where you can also enter the giveaway! I decided to do this video solely on YouTube because the video went up there first and I did a giveaway on my blog not so long ago.

All you have to do to enter the giveaway for the two stunning lip items is: 1) Subscribe to me on YouTube 2) Leave a comment on the video! The giveaway is international and the winner will be picked on July 2nd! Follow me on Bloglovin & Insta if you’d like two entries.



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