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DIY’s – Lighten Up Your Upcoming College Dorm Room

DIY's & Inspiration for your own space at University

It’s that time of year again! aka, it’s almost, almost time for me to get excited about moving back to college. I’ve had a couple of months off now and I’m already itching for my Masters course to begin. I move in on the first week of September and one of the most exciting parts is getting a whole new space to myself to decorate. I’ve been pinning and saving some items that I really want to add to my room. Including some fun DIY’s & products from Utility Design for you guys to check out.Utility Design Lighting and Dorm Room DIY

Hobbycraft Flowers from £1.99 / LightBulb Light / Blue Flower Headboard

I love the look of a DIY flower headboard for over my bed, or anywhere to give the room a touch of nature. I saved the blue flowers DIY to my Pinterest board here. All you need is some thin metal wire and some artificial flowers to wrap around. It’s super simple! You could also pop the flower headboard in front of a desk to give it a bit more life. My desk usually ends up the most boring place because of all the bits & bobs I need. This lightbulb light from Utility Design (£25) is also perfect for desk space, especially when those A-ha! lightbulb moments hit. I hope to be having a lot of those during Postgrad study.utility design dorm room diy and ideas

Ball Floor Lamp / IKEA Orchid / Gun Lamp

So, I’m really feeling the minimalist nature vibe for my room for next year. I love the above room with the floor plants and all the white decor. You can find small plants from IKEA for as little as £3, this lovely orchid is £10. I think if you replaced either the bedside table or the big ole plant and popped in a floor lamp like the Superloon then it would make for a super comfy reading atmosphere at night. The addition of the twinkle lights around the window looks super cute too. I hope I get a little windowsill like that to have some plants and photo displays around.

ICYMI: Summer Garden Party DIY’s

I spotted this birdcage from IKEA and thought that having a floor length plant like Ivy would look really pretty in it. Ivy also grows very well indoors so it could be a nice idea if you have some windowsill space. I like small metal (especially rose gold and rose) touches to a room so I was very interested in this Gun Lamp by Flos. I’ve never seen anything like it before! I don’t like too much metal in a room because it gets quite cold but a variety of plants, warm blankets and touches of the birdcage and gun lamp metal would look super cool.

I’ve never gotten creative with my polaroid photos before which I know is very common for dorm room decor. I love the idea of sticking the photos around a circular mirror like in one of the dorm rooms above. It’s a bit different from the hanging photos that’s very popular but still just as pretty!

utility design dorm room diy and ideas

Utility Design Superloon Lamp / Birdcage / Hanging Storage

Are any of you guys still studying? How do you like to decorate your college dorm room? Let me know some more DIY’s and ideas down below!


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