A New Girlfriend’s Gift Guide to a Boyfriend’s Birthday

A collection of gifts & ideas in collaboration with Just Miniatures

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It’s my boyfriend’s birthday a week today! He turns 26 on Monday and I am so excited for him. I already sorted his present out and it isn’t something he can unwrap. I can’t wait to reveal the surprise to him this week but I thought a good gift guide may help some of you who aren’t used to buying for men. I’m definitely not used to buying for them. I think the last time I had a boyfriend have a birthday was about four years ago!

Jay is an absolute sneaker, travel and alcohol fiend. He knows more about shoes than I do and definitely beats me at drinking games. (We are responsible, most of the time!). The trainers I like he hates, and the trainers he likes I usually like. He’s mentioned the Nike Cortez‘s a few times so I know they’re a solid favourite – I’m thinking Christmas time!

Jay and I both love to party too. Nothing too heavy or too frequent but we enjoy going out together for a nice wine or liquor. I like the idea of buying a bottle of something that’s quite old that you wouldn’t usually enjoy. Like a Just Miniatures 12yr old Scotch or an obscure beer. We went out to a local bar that stocks really strange and far away bottles of beer, gin, whiskey and Jay looked like he would enjoy sampling some.just miniatures.co.uk miniature alcohol bottles50 Places to Camp Before You Die / Just Miniatures Tequila Time Gift Set / Date Night Cookbook / NY Backpack

Before I met Jay he’d never been on Vacation before. He moved over to England from South Africa and didn’t have an English passport for much of his life. Since we met in May we’ve been on vacation twice; Berlin and Croatia. He’s so keen to travel and really excited by the prospect of going anywhere and everywhere with me. Jay and I always tag each other in videos of places we want to go but I love writing them down the old fashioned way so I never forget. There’s something about pen to paper that feels so much more permanent than tagging. The 50 Places to Camp Before You Die book looks so interesting. I’ve always been a big camper and love the outdoors.

I love experimenting with cooking too but since Jay and I are both Vegetarian we have to pick specific ones. Otherwise most of the recipe’s end up useless. There’s also the alternative of gifting drinks cook books!

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Take a look at Lastovo, Croatia!

I hope you guys enjoyed this boy’s and boyfriend gift guide! It’s weird that I’ve never done one before apart from having my brother and father in mind so the gifts are quite different! I definitely would not be buying my dad the Karma Sutra or my brother a bottle of Single Malt! haha. What do you have in mind when buying for your significant other? I would love to know some ideas and I can’t wait to share Jay’s birthday with you next week.


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