Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstick

Insta-Worthy Make-Up Fixes with Revlon

Bits & Bobs from Revlon

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I tried any new make-up so I’m delighted to share with you my first impressions on some Revlon make-up. Revlon is one of those classic brands that I don’t think will ever leave my make-up bag. They’re affordable and always consistent with their products which is key to a long lasting brand.

Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstick Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstickI love my make-up nowadays to be a quick fix. I’ve fallen out of love with elaborate looks and I don’t go out partying as much as I used to so my looks are simple and take very little time. I love using products that facilitate the little time I want to dedicate to my make-up routine. I probably use make-up once, maybe twice, per week. Not because I hate make-up, I adore it. But because I’m beginning to hate how too much make-up feels on my face. But with that being said, when I do use make-up it’s quick, convenient and Revlon fits in nicely.

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After using foundation I contour slightly using the NYX contour and highlight stick which looks like Revlon’s blush and highlight sticks here. It’s super easy to use & blend out. Then I add a little blush with the Insta-Blush stick* and blend it out with an Artis brush. It gives me a slight blush and the formula isn’t heavy at all. The Revlon Insta-Fix highlighter* isn’t too pigmented so works well for an everyday look just above the blusher.

I love the long slim lipsticks from Revlon as their pigmentation is amazing. They’re just as pigmented as the matte MAC formula which in my opinion, is almost opaque. The two colours in the Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour* are Desert and Vineyard. Vineyard is the darker of the two it’s a pink-y plum shade. Desert is the lighter nude shade and as a result of it being lighter it is slightly more sheer. I highly recommend Vineyard as it has blown me away!

I also tried the Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColour* but the pigmentation wasn’t great for a matte lipstick. The formula didn’t dry on my lips meaning it looked like a gloss instead of a matte liquid lip. I wouldn’t recommend the matte liquid lip formula as Revlon haven’t got close to getting it correct. I am disappointed because so many brands have a liquid matte formula nailed, that it is surprising that such a well known brand hasn’t delivered. Revlon’s gel formula is A+ though so at least they have that to their credit!

Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstick Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstick Revlon Instafix Instablush ultra HD matte lipcolour lipstick

Overall I am impressed with these Revlon items. I can see the blush and highlighter making its way into my everyday make-up bag. The more pigmented lipsticks are definitely worth the money. But I would forget about the matte ones as they didn’t deliver at all!

Do you have any Revlon or fast fixes favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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