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Chic work wear for men with Canali

canali men's tailored suits work wear

Work wear hasn’t been something I’ve always been interested in. As a recently graduated BA student from a very small village in the middle of Surrey work wear is not high on everyone’s list. I saw people turn up to lectures in Pyjamas and last night’s SU clothing. Work wear wasn’t really a thing in Egham. But after moving to London and beginning a job and an internship work wear has been shit hot on my radar. I’ve been buying myself pieces here and there and developing an eye for how to be fashionable and professional.

My boyfriend Jay can be credited with helping me look at work wear and deciding what’s professional. He’s worked in jobs that required suits every day and has a really great eye for quality and tailoring. Whereas I go for trends (a habit I am trying to break).

canali men's tailored suits work wear

I sat my boyfriend down and asked him for advice. What would he tell men who are just entering the workforce from graduating? Much like me? What are the essentials? What makes one outfit into three or four? I wish I had an older sister to ask for this kind of work wear advice.

“What would he tell men who are just entering the workforce from graduating? Much like me? What are the essentials? What makes one outfit into three or four?”

Building a fundamental wardrobe for work can be quite a daunting process. It’s always best to start with the fundamentals. Often times it doesn’t come down to cost but the fit of the item of clothing in question.Even if you cannot afford a £1,500 suit at the moment, make sure you choose the right thing. Cut and tailoring are crucial: when done correctly, they’ll make a huge difference. That’s why you should at least take inspiration from the experts, like Canali, known for its suits. Their collection is classic and contemporary, this will help you identifying the key items for your formal wardrobe. The first thing you should be buying is two button notch lapel suits in Navy and Charcoal. Make sure that they don’t have any pattern so that they are at their most versatile. For example, the Venezia and the Dark Navy Wool blend.

In addition to this, men should have both a pair of brown and black shoes with matching belts (which is often overlooked but looks great when they match!) This can turn two outfits into four. Shirts are, of course, another fundamental and you cannot go wrong with spread collar business shirts free of any pockets in white and sky blue. Traditional British shirts do not have a pocket unlike their American cousins and pocket shirts can often look out of place in an office. Canali is the embodiment of Italian style and although I’m not too sure who started the no-pocket trend first Canali adopt that sentiment too.

From there you can accessorise and build your wardrobe by using patterns and textures to your hearts whim. But the most important thing is investing in good pieces from brands who know tailoring and what men need in the work place!

canali shirts men's tailoring

So, since I’m a lot more clueless than Jay when it comes to women’s work wear what would you recommend I buy for my job? Leave any advice down below!