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Skate Style & How to Get Started with SkateHut

How to start your skate style wardrobe & tips for beginners

You may have noticed that skate culture is really huge right now, if not you haven’t been on the streets of London for a while! With the surge in popularity in street wear and the hype that surrounds every Supreme and Palace release skateboarding is at its coolest since the 90’s.

I’ve always been a bit of a skating idiot if I’m honest. Ever since my younger and moodier Avril Lavigne days I’ve thought that Skateboarding was amongst the cooler sports. I loved the style, the chill vibe, how it looked. So I’m all here for the fact that it’s more mainstream again and I’ve even cracked out my Vans Old Skool to celebrate. But I couldn’t do any tricks, I’d break my neck if I dropped into a bowl. Watching the skaters on Venice Beach when I lived in L.A and messing around on my Penny Board with my friend Taylor along the Santa Monica boardwalk are some of my fondest memories of my life out there. So to commemorate the surge in skate I dedicate this post to a sport I love but I have failed to be cool enough to ace.

Tips to Begin Skating and Look Like You Know What You’re Doing

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Pink Panther Cruiser / White Buddy Cruiser / Palm Tree Cruiser / Tropical Cruiserย / White Dump Him Shirt / Girls Do it Better Shirt / Denim Jacket /


Denim Jackets
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Researching skate style was honestly pretty inspiring. I love how effortless the clothes look. The best way to really get into skate style without splashing out too much would be to grab a Penny or a cheaper alternative. I ordered one online two years ago and it served me so well.Try a cheap and cute looking board from SkateHut which start about ยฃ30. I would say that having a nice looking one doesn’t matter but that’s why customisation is so popular.ย  You absolutely need a flat smooth surface as a beginner because the sensation on a board is very, very weird. Especially if you’ve not done something like snowboarding before. I started practising myself around UCLA because the streets are so smooth. You will feel every little crack in the pavement or small stone you roll over. It will initially mess up your balance but perseverance is key! You’ll soon get used to it.


Wearing loose fitting clothing is a smart move so you can adjust your body quickly whilst you learn. Baggy shirts and jackets are essential. A thick jacket might seem counterproductive but it’ll stop scratches and cuts if you fall so opt for denim or leather. If you’re absolutely terrified about falling and hurting yourself you can buy kneepads and wrist protectors. If you’re especially clumsy I would highly recommend these. As far as shoes go Vans are obviously the best and most affordable skate shoe available, Old Skool’s are super, super popular at the moment.


While you’re here check out my video of my friend Cole from lat year. He’s a great skateboarder and we spent an afternoon capturing him skate around the hills of UCLA with my drone.
Do you guys like skate style? Have you succumbed to the Vans Old Skool trend? Let me know down below!