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About Abigail
I grew up in the South of Manchester with my family which included my mom, my dad and my younger brother. I’ve always been very interested in reading, writing, fashion and adventure. My childhood consisted of a lot of books, camping trips and horrible outfits thanks to my mother being very creative with my sense of dress. As I got older I never stopped reading, my love for travelling grew and I ventured further and on my own, I also stopped letting my mom choose my dresses and started experimenting with my own sense of style.

I moved to London to begin University and study a BA in English. I took a year out, not content with being in one place for too long, to study literature at UCLA. I graduated from Royal Holloway with a 2:1 and begun my MA in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion in 2017. I still post on my blog, I still travel, I still read and occasionally I let my mom contribute to my wardrobe choices.

The Website
At the age of 16 I grew bored of Tumblr. At several thousand followers I deleted my account and started fresh on Blogger. My first posts were on Beauty, I gave reviews on the things I knew and loved. Every time I went on vacation I plotted in my head several posts that I wanted to share and started posting more Travel related content. When I finally invested in a Tripod and remote I started taking photos of my outfits in my bedroom. My blog really began to reflect me when I had all those things together and the rest is history. Web history! Now I try my best to deliver high quality fashion, beauty and travel posts that reflect my personality and personal life.


Contact Information
instagram @abigailalicex